Celebrating Women: Talking With my old Friend Ms. SexyTime (1/3)

NOTE: Ms SexyTime isnt a blogger but has been a friend of mine for a long time. When she heard I was interviewing women for woman’s month she proceed to harangue me and call me a little bitch for not interviewing her. Actually she said a lot worse but as she is a friend I let it go. Enjoy! btw her real name isnt Ms SexyTime and she isnt a stripper. She has a crazy sense of humor though

MrMary-ly: Hey Ms. SexyTime, thanks for doing this with me I want to stress that this is consensual for legal purposes
Ms. SexyTime: sure no problem
MrMary-ly: Usually when I am with pretty ladies it goes quick so lets stop fooling around and get to it ready
Ms. SexyTime: yes sir

Celebrating Women

MrMary-ly: how do you celebrate women?
Ms. SexyTime: I don’t is that bad of me to say
MrMary-ly: No, why don’t you celebrate women… no pillow fights in pj’s to solve mysteries..? or nude dancing to bring rain to parched earth with your fellow females
Ms. SexyTime: I guess because women become so caught up on their gender they lost the identity of being a person
MrMary-ly: thats deep what do you mean caught up with their gender?
Ms. SexyTime: women have a tendency to flap their gums about being proud of their feminine and yammering about having kids makes them strong blah bah who fucking care I couldn’t give a shit about a woman who is strong because she can give birth or that she wear the right panties because it makes her sexy so fucking what
MrMary-ly : What are you concerned with then ?
Ms. SexyTime: Being a human being. Women are the worst critics especially on other women
MrMary-ly : oh I get ya I’ve seen that at the malls or the fitting rooms of Lane Bryant
Ms. SexyTime: lol or at the buffet, in a line, taking a shit, locker rooms, gyms, hair salons, library, you name it
MrMary-ly: women are pretty catty after all
Ms. SexyTime: I suppose yes they are which is why i spend my time ALONE or with men not in those terms
MrMary-ly: Sometimes in the bedroom they sound like those cats in the alley way I don’t know whether to call the ASPCA or continue
Ms. SexyTime: yes they do, do both
MrMary-ly: so I guess call the ASPCA to after I’m done doing what it is I do ? ………So u hang out with Men
Ms. SexyTime: yes

Burly Sailors, Venereal Diseases and Prison

Some Surly seamen 🙂

MrMary-ly: meaning like burly sailors with no hope and venereal diseases
Ms. SexyTime : i enjoy the company of men …… yes … even with diseases i don’t judge lol they got great stories to tell
MrMary-ly : don’t fall asleep around them
Ms. SexyTime: i make sure not to
MrMary-ly : Seamen are a tough group to swallow
Ms. SexyTime: YES THEY ARE
MrMary-ly: So brash and acrid in their dealings Uhm maybe we should edit that
Ms. SexyTime: Thats what i like, i suppose lol
MrMary-ly: that you ‘hang’ with men like that and you like brash and acrid seamen comes off a little… how to put it
Ms. SexyTime: whoreish, its ok
MrMary-ly:sounds like your a cigarettes and soap in prison . I.e passed around a lot
Ms. SexyTime: lol
MrMary-ly: I didn’t want to say whorish especially since your pretty and some other nice things like ..
Ms. SexyTime: I hear they like to use jelly
MrMary-ly: you got a nice laugh
Ms. SexyTime: why thank you
MrMary-ly: jelly yes…but definitely not for cleaning themselves
Ms. SexyTime: so i’ve heard
MrMary-ly: well it’s more for giving someone an excuse to cry and clean himself in an ambiance of dejection
Ms. SexyTime: ehhh I suppose

Female Friends

MrMary-ly: do you have any female friends?
Ms. SexyTime: I do
MrMary-ly: I thought you hate chicks
Ms. SexyTime: oh I don’t hate broads
MrMary-ly: why do you talk like a 60-70 years old NY‘er … ” I dont hate broads, I rather like dames….”
Ms. SexyTime: I Just stay away from them lol however those who are women and who are in my inner circle are broads in a mannish way lol
MrMary-ly: Dames lol thats a classy old word, brings to mind my impression of this army vet I used to know: *AHEM* I remember in Korea we used to bang em 10 at a time for a dime “ …. End scene (it’s an old joke between us)
Ms. SexyTime: those were the good ol days
MrMary-ly: yeah everyone didnt fuss over hairy snatch
Ms. SexyTime: this is true
MrMary-ly: yeah ahhh,  you got more mileage out of the smell my finger joke in those days same for herpes to though
Ms. SexyTime: DEF I’m glad you agree
MrMary-ly: Well obviously we have much in common…. Do you like long walks on the beach ?
Ms. SexyTime: Only if i’m building boobie sand castles YES
MrMary-ly: if your building castles your not walking unless your an angel or fairy spreading ur dusty essence
Ms. SexyTime: I knew that NO !!!!
MrMary-ly: Transforming the sand into boobs grainy sandy boobs …. ya know sandy texture is why I stopped dating that beach volleyball player grinding with her was literally grinding with her
…sand everywhere
Ms. SexyTime: No i’m just a human being getting a kick out of buidling sand castle tits
Ms. SexyTime: Yes! So to answer ur orginal question no i don’t celebrate women
MrMary-ly: That’s some ride for one question boobies, sandy boobies acrid semen sorry seamen and no love for ho’s
Ms. SexyTime: You got it! that’s what they told us in ’94
MrMary-ly: By they you mean snoop and the God Fathers of rap ?
Ms. SexyTime: yes
MrMary-ly: ah yes… Do u feel it’s hard out there for a pimp while we are on the subject
Ms. SexyTime: not at all
MrMary-ly: why’s that pimpin aint easy
Ms. SexyTime: I really don’t know lol I have yet to hang out with pimps but when I do i’ll let you know


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