Susanita, & My Sexy-Leggy Project – Yes Those are my Legs

My Sexy Leggy Project

My whole sexy leggy project started when Susanita, the  blogger behind the LostNChina blog nominated me for a 7 x 7 award and shared that initially she thought that MrMary (Me) was an angry woman. I figured it was an honest mistake especially given what a sexy pair of legs I have [sarcasm]. So I thought to showcase my sexy legs in a sexy leggy project.

Project Stipulations

I wanted to recreate this picture on the LostNChina blog. These sexy gams belong to Susanita’s assistant. Because of anatomical differences, i.e having snackage (Snacks + Package = snackage), sitting like this was very difficult but I managed to pull off something just as cool after my long walk with the dogs to loosen up my lower half.

How this is going to work

1. Play the following song in the background [ you must!!!]

I’m Just a Sexy Boy

2. Look at my one leg

This is MrMary's Past-Prime Grade A Beef, Leg

3. Feast your eyes on this

Now you know why I get Mistaken for a woman all the time. Coincidentally my dog Soleil (Sun in French) decided to lick herself so I had to include this picture

It’s ok some Perrier Water and ammonia salts will bring you right back


BTW – Sorry to disappoint my little homey, aka Mrs. Dancing Queen 2012, but I couldn’t go through with the nail polish suggestion

PS – This is all in good fun for shits and giggles, Please check out though the LostNChinaBlog. I loved her  post entitled: The Time I Wrote a Love Letter to Myself

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Bonus Video:
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    • Hola Mi Corazon,

      Right before I was about to press the publish button, I had a rare moment of feeling self conscious. I asked myself did i go to far, especially with the sexy boy sound track, was I objectifying myself and not showcasing my great award winning personality, then I said fuck it and I hope it makes someone laugh lol

      Glad I could make you laugh 🙂


  1. HA. HA. HA. That calf muscle could destroy an entire planet! I followed your advice and played the song in the background and wow, what an intense effect! HILARIOUS Mr. Mar-i-ly! You should make the first photo into an award like “Strongest Blog Award” or “Sexiest Blogger Award,” or something way more clever than those two.


    • LOL I died laughing while doing this post. I think the nail polish would have made me too eccentric lol. I knew the song would intensify the effects of the sexiness [sarcastic] I think at the end of the day I’m just a clown lol. Using my legs for an award wow lol I dunno I would feel kind of shy and egotistical which is maybe why on second thought I like the idea so much LOL Hope you are well Lil Homey – BK all day everyday even on a mutha fuckin Sunday


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