Everytime You Drink Dole Juice You Help Cover-up Crimes Against The Hawaiian People

Hawaiian Queen

The Interesting Part

The Republic of Hawaii was nonetheless declared in 1894 by the same parties which had established the Provisional Government. Among them were Lorrin A. Thurston, a drafter of the Bayonet Constitution, and Sanford Dole who appointed himself President of the forcibly instated Republic on July 4, 1894.

Sanford Dole was the cousin of James Dole  an American industrialist who developed the pineapple industry in Hawaii and established the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. Hawaiian Pineapple Company, or HAPCO, was later reorganized to become the Dole Food Company.

My Questions

dole-pineappleCould Jimmy Dole have been as successful without his cousins activities’ to help over throw the queen, change voting eligibility  which resulted in the disenfranchisement of poor native Hawaiians and other ethnic groups who had previously had the right to vote thus guaranteed a voting monopoly by the landed aristocracy?

[Btw Also Asians, who comprised a large proportion of the population, were stripped of their voting rights as many Japanese and Chinese members of the population who had previously become naturalized as subjects of the Kingdom, subsequently lost all voting rights. Many Americans and wealthy Europeans, in contrast, acquired full voting rights at this time, without the need for Hawaiian citizenship.]

Is America really the bastion of Democracy does it use democracy as tool for the conquest of peoples? 

Luckily Dole hasn’t done anything that bad since, and they provide jobs so we can overlook this right ?

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Dole (the banana company) used nemagon to keep worms off their fruit in Costa Rica, which got into the waters and poisoned all the fish, caused cancer to the locals and caused miscarriages. Then later on they were found to be using children as young 8 as workers..

Swedish filmmaker Frederick Gertten filmed a documentary about the Tellez case and when a trailer was shown after the film’s entry into the 2009 LA Film Festival competition, Dole flipped their wig. Dole didn’t even wait until it’d seen the movie to begin its campaign of harassment. Dole deployed their hired gun- law firm Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher – and sent numerous cease and desist letters to individuals involved directly and indirectly with the film. Dole even went as far as to petition Judge Cheney and the Swedish Embassy to step in and block the film.


  1. Those poor people, this makes me sick. These big companies need to start being held seriously accountable. The CEO should have been sent to gaol after the use of nemagon and child labour. The only time company big wigs seem to get into any trouble is when money is lost. They seem to escape any blame when people are hurt or the environment is damaged.


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