Celebration Women: My Interview with Shannon Author of the ‘A VeryRudeGirl’ Blog (1/3)

I am going to for now dispense with the fluff and get right into it. But given your love for fluff I will start off part 2 of this with some fluff. Ill detail how I met Shannon and all that.


Shannon: do you have specific questions or is it more a conversation?
MrMary-ly: A mixture of both actually Sort of like a bigger blacker version of The Actors Studio on metamphetamines. The starter question is always what does the phrase celebrating women
Shannon: Cool, I’m down with that … Ok, so you’re James Lipton and I am some actress.
MrMary-ly: Dwayne Lipton from Thomas Jefferson Projects who came up and now wears suits instead of loincloths

Question 1

Starter question: What does the phrase “celebrating women” mean to you what images or thoughts does that evoque in your head/mind/above the neck region ?

Shannon: It kind of makes me angry. I wish we didn’t have to celebrate women. I wish there weren’t designated days or months where we get to say “Hey, woman are all right, you know?”
MrMary-ly: I have often been of the mindset that we make days to celebrates things we would rather keep in the margin of our myopic vision … hence black history month in the US
Shannon: I mean that in the sense that I think we have designated days of the year to celebrate minorities because every other day of the year is a celebration of the majority. Whoever has the power.

Question 2

MrMary-ly: Well said.

I’m always curious to hear from women what their take is on women’s rights and the whole liberation movement

Shannon: So, part of me thinks “Awesome, it’s my day/month” like on National Aboriginal Day here in Canada, but then I get very cynical and bitter and think “You fuckers think you can just ‘give’ me this one day?”
MrMary-ly: [National Aboriginal Day]It’s like an example of a cultural language of doublespeak
Shannon: I want women to have all the rights until they’re not called “women’s rights” anymore, and are just called “Rights”…. But rights are never given. They’re demanded.
MrMary-ly: so do you feel women as a whole probably in the West at least are closer than they were in the 60’s especially since I don’t smell any bras burning anymore.
Shannon: Oh definitely. At least, in developed nations, yes. Honestly, as a D-cup, I’d never burn my bra. I need my bra. I love my bra.
MrMary-ly: Yeah it would be hard to play musical instruments without a bra. As someone without a vagina, ive found looking at this whole woman’s liberation movement interesting
Shannon: I remember my mom, who is 60 years old and used to work in the railroad industry, once explaining to me how every day she dealt with sexual harassment at her work and put complaints in. She said, “The treatment you get today is because of the shit me and my generation put up with and because we didn’t back down.”

Question 3

What challenges are your generation facing   that will in a way pave the road for future women in the workplace or elsewhere

Shannon: Still being aware. I think people honestly think sexism is a thing of the past, like racism. Maybe it’s not as overt as it once was
MrMary-ly: I can definitely relate to that, I think over time blinkered thinking really become covert and a bit surreptitious
Shannon: But I think it’s made us docile and our guard is down.
MrMary-ly: yeah definitely
Shannon: There’s always a new generation coming and I want to say to them “Remember what your rights are because the moment you take them for granted is the moment they’ll try to take them away from you”

Question 4

MrMary-ly: I have always felt that there is a time that comes and it maybe now that   after all the sacrifices made one has to see where one fits in, par exemple  Blacks enjoy a lot more rights in the US
but for me it’s still unclear what is my place in this society
MrMary-ly: I quote Baudrillard where he says: It is always the same: once you are liberated, you are forced to ask who you are. I wonder if you feel it is the same for women at this moment in time.
Shannon: I think, before I can even ask “who am I?”, I have to ask “Am I liberated”. That’s a scary question because I don’t think I am fully. I feel free. But then someone asks me if I can cover the secretaries desk and they never ask a man and I realize “Nope, I’m not liberated”
MrMary-ly: It reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave in a way in that the realization of being bound
or being constricted is not fully in an experiential way experienced  and that colors the reality of things
Shannon: I think I’ll know women are liberated when they stop advertising for women to get into the science field or engineers. It’s not that I want them to stop now. They need to go out there and recruit. They need to remind women “You can do this too!” but I’ll know we’re equal once they stop having to say that because we all know it.

Question 5

MrMary-ly: I figured I can ask you about your blog
Shannon: Sure
MrMary-ly:  You have an interesting sense of humor.  You are almost as salacious as I am
Shannon: By “interesting” you mean “crude”? haha
MrMary-ly:  ah I am a gentleman , at least when I’m clothed  so I would never say that
Shannon: Haha salacious is a much sexier sounding word then crude.
MrMary-ly:  Im well polished in my gentlemanly-ness  But I feel you’re not just crude  you still say something poignant   which is why I like your blog   any sailor or woman from Texas can be crude
or act the part of a reprobate  but to still say something is impressive to me
Shannon: I’ve wondered if adding “fuck” into my argument has ever detracted from the point I am trying to make and, perhaps to some, it has. I know I had an English teacher once point that out. I’d never swear in my papers, but she heard me once in a casual conversation with a friend. She stopped me the next day and said “Why do you swear so much when you’re so well versed with other words?”
MrMary-ly: I feel culturally we really cannot stand much of reality as TS Eliot says and that manifesting in our not giving much appreciation to the crude  or the realities that exist outside the neat little image we paint for ourselves as what life should be
Shannon: It’s the myth that only uneducated people swear. Only uncouth people are uncouth.
Shannon: I mean, technically, I’m uneducated (high school drop out representin’)
MrMary-ly: everyone swears, everyone fucks, except medical school students  and hardcore science majors  education is over rated
Shannon: Well, some people “make love” but i’m not friends with any of those people.
MrMary-ly: yeah making love  is a riddle can’t make soemthing that just magically happens  making  love is a euphemism for  placid and uninteresting masturbation   Love happens and is passionate and wild and painful  if I could make it I would make it go away sometimes
Shannon: Good point
MrMary-ly: Love has driven me to drink, acts of public nudity and host of dumb shit lol  but thats beside the point.  Education castrates the mind and the organs of generation.  Frank zappa said if u wanna get laid go to college , if  u want an education go to the library or something like that
Shannon: Hahaha I love that. Luckily, College usually has a library, so you can do both
MrMary-ly: most college libraries are pathetic but u can still ‘milk’ something out of them

Stay Tuned for part 2

Check Shannon Out:
Twitter: @shantique
Blog: http://averyrudegirl.blogspot.com/

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  1. Like it! Well done. People need to lighten up a bit and just LOL At life… or get out of the way of me doing just that. I’ll put my clothes on now. Thanks for your follow and seeing my blog intresting to that point. Cheers to you and your blog.
    All the best.


  2. and so the celebration begins! or shall I say, began? I started a bit late…but i like what I’m reading so far!! excited for part deux et trois et la reste of course!!!


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