Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Gallon of ‘McJordan sauce’ sells for nearly $10K

People, you’re going to want to scour your shelves immediately. Be on the lookout for any 20-year-old bottles of McDonald’s McJordan sauce — a barbecue sauce that ostensibly paid tribute to the basketball great — because one just sold on eBay for $9,995. The 1992 sauce contains “all of Michael Jordan’s favorite ingredients” and was involved in the preparation of the McJordan quarter-pound hamburger, which came with smoked bacon and cheese. The bottle was advertised as “never been opened.” We’re totally hoping that Michael Jordan himself bought this — not because he’s so sentimental but because when you’re that rich, $10K for barbecue sauce with your favorite ingredients already in there sort of makes sense. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

When I was broke I tried to sell my sauce, but at the time I wasn’t a 6’6” famous basketball player, I was just a sexually frustrated college student saturate with fluids. Back in those days if you passed the screening it was $50 -$200  a pop depending on what the clients were looking for. Long Story short: No matter the catch phraseology like:

Get Sauced !!!

Getting on this sauce  doesn’t involve dinner or late night visits to the ATM

What’s a saucy mommy without some sauce: On the Side or Inside ?

I drink fruit juices so you dont have to

Multi-purposed!  can be used a hair gel, starch for clothes or to those with a discerning palette, a subtle balance throat yogurt


I couldn’t sell my sauce to support my artistic propensities. So I had to get a real job. Michael jordan got an immaterial job now everyone is paying out the ass for his sauce, kind of like oen does cigarettes in prison.


For some post modernist philosophers it is consumption that drives capitalistic society. At every moment, even while we are consuming a fresh new crop of ideas, materials and styles we are being primed to consume. I love Michael Jordan. I remember watching him do what was for me magic on the Basketball Court. I didn’t see at the time that in setting all the records he set and winning all the championships Michael Jordan effectively became a symbol of something  and what is significant about that is that symbols are the vehicles consumption. The Golden arches of McDonald don’t just mean meat paste and chemicals shaped and formulated into  fun shapes it stands for a culture and a way of thinking about human relationships that affects billions every year.

The campaign slogan of my youth was “I want to be like Mike” but who is Mike, which Mike do they mean? There is Mike the person, Mike the Symbol, Mike the Legend,  which is the real me MrMary the consumer, MrMary the person struggling to pay student loans, Mr Mary the symbol, MrMary the female locker-room legend. When a capitalist society is allowed the freedom to dictate and shape relationships it never does so with fine detail tools, rather it has been my observation that it shape the ongoing national narrative with the most coarse tools, and as a result individual differences slowly disappear, as they we are shaped in larger apparently more homogeneous groups. These groups however while shaped according to some major themes are not actually homogenous. There  are class distinction, racial, gender and age distinction.

all in …just another brick in the wall

It’s like the individuality we have lost search for a way to make itself known and instead of letting it speak, instead of nurturing those difference we are fighting to get gallons of rare bbq sauce that  have all of Michael Jordans favorite ingredients.


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