A Video responce to Sexual Tourism in Jamaica (1)


Female sex tourism occurs when Western women travel to developing countries in order to gain sexual or romantic favors that are scarce or not available to them in their own country. Female sex tourism is often ignored due to the significantly lower rates in comparison to male sex tourism. Female sex tourism differs from male sex tourism, because of the different gender roles it encompasses. Female sex tourism strays away from the strictly physical aspect of the sex tour and diverges into different aspects of the relationship such as romance and intimacy between the female tourist and the sex worker

Female sex tourism occurs in diverse regions of the world. The demographics of these female sex tourists differ from tourist to tourist. Female sex tourist are usually classified as upper-middle to upper class women who comes from a developed Westernized country. These women will flock to underdeveloped countries such as; the Caribbean or Kenya, in search of romance or sexual outlets.

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see thats why I work out my back, so can bag the women in NYC who say no to me when I go visit Jamaica

Sex, tourism and the Postcolonial Encounter: Landscapes of Longing in Egypt



  1. I know, man, having spent most of my life in Amsterdam, I know everything about sexual tourism.

    You can find basically any person from any Western country in Amsterdam looking for a Thai, Russian, Arabic or something else (Middle-)Eastern, to screw.

    Look, I’m happy prostitution exists, as the woman chose to be a prostitute, of course. I mean, I’m sure that it keeps a lot of sexually frustrated (because that is a serious problem nowadays) men at bay, they can just pay for sex instead of “taking” it from a woman involuntarily. But I guess, opinions differ on that.

    Men have always done it, it is “funny” to see that women are also getting into the sexual tourism-idea. But I guess it’s just another serious problem in the world that no one is paying attention to.


    • Just to clarify, I’m for prostitution, as long as the woman WANTS to be a prostitute. I’m against any kind of human traficking and all the other disgusting shit you also see in Amsterdam – I know girls that were there against their will. It’s awful.


  2. LOL Dave. You make me laugh. And that stupid video. It wasn’t really about white women going to Jamaica to sleep with black men at all. Well, maybe the first minute or so was, but the rest was about Rastafarian culture. And I wanted to hear about white women going to Jamaica to have sex with black men, but whatever. 😉


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