EPIC RANT || If I support your cause, how deep do I have to take it?

DISCLAIMER: If you are someone who is offended by crass words jokes or words, adult situations, sarcasm or jokes please don’t read this.

Hola Mi Gente!!!!!!!!

I am a very progressive guy. I think that

  1. Woman should get equal pay as men for doing the same job
  2. Gay people should enjoy the right to marry other gay people
  3. You should masturbate with both hands (down w/right hand dominance!)

tumblr_lyql8horym1qgcyd8o1_1280I often times see pictures of men wearing dresses or traditional female attire to support women. The first thing that pops into my head is: “Really ?” So that would mean then that when Caucasian women sport strap-ons with giant black dildos they are supporting the struggles of African-American men trying to penetrate into the same society that for two centuries fist-fucked their souls into a forced subservience ?

I do not mean to go on a rant here but by the same logic, since I am not ashamed to support gays or have gay friends, how far into Clay Aiken’s anus must I go to prove to gays everywhere that I am sincere in my support for their cause?

[very far from what my lady says]

See what I’m asking is what do I have to do to convince you that I support your cause? The fact that we need ostentatious acts to prove the sincerity of our intention, is a sign that something is wrong with our society.

Follow me on this.

According to this crazy logic let’s say that I support Gays, African-Americans and Women. Imagine then, that they all have a parade celebrating their cause on the same day? I’m fucked! Can I in good faith, rush from sitting on a dick to support my fellow gays citizens, to then rush off to eat a chick out while wearing a nice backless number and finally (because our parades always start late) jam to some sick beats in urban wear while eating some soul food. Who’s ever down for surf and turf and Public Enemy all in the same afternoon?

I mean the number of wardrobe changes required to support so many disparate causes would be amazing. That’s three outfits at least not counting your clean-up outfit you wear between causes. How deep in the moving closet of life would I have to be to pull that off ? – The Answer: Deep enough to be in Narnia .

And that’s not even the most craziest thing. Imagine you support somewhat conflicting causes: you support immigrants but back tougher immigration laws, you support free universal health care for horses but deny it for human beings? How do you even look yourself in the mirror as  a Republican ?

Seriously Now

o-MUSLIM-WOMEN-AGAINST-FEMEN-570Is the best way to honor the struggles of women to wear a dress? Does Iggy Pop in a dress honor all women? Does wearing a dress prove it’s not shameful to be a women?

Let me tell you what’s the real problem aside from painful hemorrhoids: everyone championing their own causes does not realize all causes are related. Also everyone doesn’t realize how limited their perceptions of a group really is. Does anyone remember the reaction of Muslim women to the women protesting topless in front of mosques? Check out the Facebook page muslim women against FEMEN

Each group is a complex sociological entity with it’s own global history. When we forget that we have to rely on things like skirt wearing/shock value stuff to show support we aren’t well-educated on. We cannot deny how unique and diverse each group is when we try to drum up ways of showing our support. We have to also realize that there is too much overlap and interconnectedness between groups to just come up with this over-reaching panacea type of policy.

Also you cannot judge how sincere someone is by outward appearances.D on’t believe me ask any recently divorced person or victim of a socio-path/serial killer.

You know what we can start to do to help all causes address human rights/class issues at the same time as civil issues.

  1. What good is it if women finally can make the same as a man for doing the same job but there is no money to buy food for her family ?
  2. What good is it to have African-Americans achieve dreams of social mobility and then also get shot to death in a stand your ground state
  3. What good is it to use both hands in an alternating fashion when there is nothing worth getting up for?

anyways just my $0.02

off to tutor physics !!!!


  1. I support the causes you mention by not tolerating hatred and insisting to those around me that if they show anything but respect I’m going to show them how much I respect Cage Fighters.


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