May 6 – 12 is National Clitoris Awareness Week – How Will You Celebrate it ?

May 6—12 as the first ever “International Clitoris Awareness Week,” a seven-day period designed to celebrate the female body part. The organization behind the week is “Clitoraid,” a Las Vegas-based group usually devoted to helping victims of female genital mutilation around the world.
However, Clitoraid spokeswoman Nadine Gary said the message behind “Clitoris Awareness Week” is more whimsical. “We’ve noticed that the clitoris has not gotten its spot in the limelight. It makes people feel uncomfortable,” she told The Huffington Post. “For this week, we don’t want to focus on genital mutilation.” Gary said the clitoris has gotten the shaft since the 19th century when orgasms achieved by touching it were considered “immature” compared to vaginal orgasms.




I wonder why everyone gets so touchy-feely and sensitive when the clitorus enters the conversation. (Let the innuendo and double entendre begin). I am talking about adult conversations, not the idealistic kind you had in high school that were fuelled by the inexhaustible reservoirs  of quixotic optimism that defines youth. Judging from my adult conversations the clitorus is like that hole in the wall place everyone raves about but no one can really find; and most of the ones who do find it only rave about it to give their journey and searching for it meaning because lets face it, the road travelled is always more fulfilling then the finish.( At least that what the sex therapist and marriage counsellors say.


garyrai-meme-generator-clitorus-never-heard-of-that-pokemon-2c0789It’s clear to me that demystifying the clitorus is the first step in emancipating women world-wide. Now before we get to that we have to terms with the fact that unlike bars most men cannot find the clitorus, and when they do they don’t know what to do with it, like of like those twisty things you always find when you don’t need, that keep the plastic bag holding your bread closed.


Demystifying the Clitorus


I am a pre-med student that never decided to go to medical school so I am clearly qualified  to for this task. I thought I would present to you odd facts about the clitorus all week. See because only through education can we instill long lasting change. I have to admit, this education angle was much better than my initial idea to sell the following unisex hoodie


imagesSo stay Tuned!!!


Before I go I have a Question for you:


How will YOU celebrate Clit Week  ?!?!

(related to shark week but not really)



  1. Oh, I can think of a few VERY good ways to celebrate this body part. Not that I don’t “celebrate” it every single morning anyway… 😉

    I’m doing my Sunday post on this topic as well, MrMary. Mine’s only halfway written so far though 😛


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