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MrMary MuthaFuckingPoppins (born 05 Aug 1981), better known as MrMary, is wordpress based blogger not know for much other than having as one former teacher put it: “Diarhea of the mind but constipation of the mouth.” He wears the mask of anonymity to talk about issues, sex clinic test results, and hot topics with a unique mix of profanity, highly polished diction, and crass allusions to the sexual organs of generation. His work is marked by keen intelligence and wit, a profound awareness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, a passion for clarity in language and a belief in democratic socialism or whatever party now has the easiest chicks.


Early Life
Personal Life
Random Facts


Early Life

After an unusually long gestational period on Aug 5th, 1981 around 3am MrMary was torn from the clutches of sanctity and forced out into a cold unknown world. The shock of such a transmission horribly affected his thinking for years to come.

Wanting to live the life of an inebriated, ornery libertine, but not  wanting to contract a debilitating STD, MrMary decided to pursue education to its penultimate limits. Finding the penultimate limits to be a bit limiting, MrMary has let himself fall from the lofty heights of his collegiate experience to now frequent the empty vapid expanses of blogging and social media.


MrMary is currently on the market for a career change. So far gay porn, fast food, and retail have been crossed of as they all leave one sweating questioning one’s existence in the mirror. Currently you can book MrMary to speak and spew his vitriol at designated locations throughout the continental United States as well as parts of Canada. Limited availability in place without a good looking female demographic like Wyoming, Arkansas, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, also in certain places historically below the Mason Dixon Line. Email to inquire about the availability for your area.

Personal Life

MrMary has always liked and continues to like provoking arguments by challenging the status quo, while at the same time being in love with old traditional values, like stopping short, using the sign of the cross as a prophylactic, and using sex and irresponsible gift-buying to settle disputes with the opposite sex.

MrMary likes to criticize and satirize from the inside of the various social milieus in which he finds himself.  He gets along well with his students who consider him the best of teachers, and have never been able to out drink him or quiet him down once he starts laughing. He was noted for very close and enduring friendships with a few friends.

His unusual approach to life and social interaction has earned him a reputation as an eccentric.

Random Fact

Random Fact 1: An elephant‘s penis is so large; it is used as a fifth leg!

An elephant’s penis can grow four to five feet long, nearly the size of full grown adults to put that in perspective, and has many uses besides reproduction. Because of their large size, it’s necessary to have an extremely large penis for mating purposes.

However, what is interesting about these animals is how they use it in other aspects of daily life. When reaching for food at a tough angle or even just out of laziness, the elephant will purposefully erect their penis and use it as support. By doing this they maintain the stability they lose when reaching off balance.

Their penises are also used to swat annoying flies away from their sides when they can’t reach or are too busy. Also, when an elephant has an itch on their stomach they simply swing their penis around to scratch it!

Random Fact 2: An elephant’s MrMary’s penis is so large; it is used as a fifth leg!

Sometimes just out of laziness, the MrMary  will purposefully erect his penis and use it to kill time.

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  1. Hey Mr. Mary! Yup. It’s ’bout time I get back in the swing of wordpress, and of course one of the first places to visit is your blog! AND WHAT A FANTASTIC SURPRISE! I love the new look/heap fills of sugar, and of course, a face to the name. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about our bubble tea date!!!! As soon as I stop running around, I’ll email you about a time, d’accord? A tout a l’heure!


  2. “Diarrhea of the mind but constipation of the mouth?!” LOL That was brilliant!

    Ahem, I wish you had more random facts to share. 😉

    I guess I need to read more blogs such as this one. Cool page you’ve got here, man.


      • But you’ve got my attention now. After you made me laugh real hard.

        Any kind of facts/Faq will do, dear blogger 🙂 I’d love to hear about your peculiar though fascinating mind.

        btw, what does it mean by “badass?”
        Living across big water and not being smarty cool like you have slowed down my comprehension. Pardon me please 😉

        Lots of hugs..


      • Hey marj,

        The dictionary defines bad-ass as :

        A tough, aggressive, or uncooperative person.

        However this word has many connotations; the one in particular I was referring to means just really cool, superb etc.

        Usually after I hear that I have a peculiar and fascination mind I am ask to draft an affidavit. Its nice to have this new twist of events.

        New Facts and FAQS are on the way



    • Thanks ladylovelyBlogger Im glad you got a good chuckle. I kind of feel a little bad , you post such nice stuff on your blog, its a font of niceness and I tend to post some crazy things. Either way Im glad you liked it and stopped on by


      • LOL Don’t feel bad! My blog turned into something inspiration based on what my followers wanted me to keep posting. 🙂 I like your style! I’ll be back for more crazy!


  3. You have a unique writing style that is so different from what I’ve read so far. 🙂 By the way, I’m a great proponent of “irresponsible gift buying” to settle disputes. I try to encourage that in the opposite sex whenever I can, so to that end, fight on warrior!


  4. Funny. Funny. And more funny. This: “Limited availability in place without a good looking female demographic like Wyoming, Arkansas, Saskatchewan, Minnesota, also in certain places historically below the Mason Dixon Line. ” – had me laughing out loud. I am sure a presentation/talk from you is fanfriggin’tastic. Great intro. Couldn’t be better. Cheers.


  5. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    Happy New Year !!!!!!! and best wishes for you in 2014 🙂


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