May is National Masturbation Month – How Should Bloggers Celebrate, Any Ideas?

10251978_665965073470786_8562857275887689563_nNormally I don’t get to jazzed up about any nation month-long celebration. Even Black history month. Last year around this time I did a series of posts to celebrate National Clitorus Week. But it hard to celebrate something you don’t have. Like if next month is National Good Credit month I am screwed.

I think since everyone at one point has had sex and pretended someone else was there (pretending that who is ever there was someone else is another thing entirely) I think we can all celebrate this month.

Here is how I was think I would celebrate:

  1. Not shake anyone’s fucking hand
  2. Get extra Purell
  3. Drink Pineapple Juice for the Sake of Irony
  4. Knock a few time before entering any bathroom

SCN_National_Masturbation_Month_630x407_Slider_001What about you how will you celebrate? How should bloggers pay homage such an auspicious month ? Married people don’t answer because this is all you have left. (j/k)



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