Celebrating Women: My Interview with Shannon Author of the ‘A VeryRudeGirl’ Blog (2/3)

Question 6

MrMary-ly:  But back to your blog I love your post called a Cunty post.  I love how it starts: “”A woman who shaves her vagina looks pre-pubescent.””
Shannon: Hahaha, I was mad when I wrote that (though I had slept on it, the anger was still there)
MrMary-ly: anger and sleeping on things makes babies  at least according to the Maury Povitch show and the paternity test results
Shannon: That post was my baby I suppose.
MrMary-ly: What pretty baby too! Is hair still a big deal ?  hair on privates?
Shannon: I think it is, to a lot of people, but for the wrong reasons.
MrMary-ly: yeah no one appreciate 70’s porn anymore. It’s like an expensive watch, it’s a privilege to come in a big hairy box esp during a recession. I’m speaking in generalities  of course as any gentleman would
Shannon: I just want people (men and women) to do what they want with their bodies because they want it, not because they want someone else to want it.
MrMary-ly: yeah  Power to the people for the peoples down below  the waistline
Shannon: Power to the pubes or the lack there of
MrMary-ly: we think a like

Question 7

MrMary-ly: I also read on your blog you are part Cree
Shannon: Indeed, I am.
MrMary-ly: Does Canada treat the native tribes with as much decency as the US does?
Shannon: It’s hard for me to say for certain, since very few people in the US knew I was native (I lived there for 2.5 years). But I can say, in both countries, Natives are on the outskirts of societies. They are marginalized in all ways. Physically, mentally and spiritually.
MrMary-ly: I traveled through the US and saw a lot of Bright smiles and empty brains, vapid reptilian looks  from lack lustre eyes  ….  yeah  it’s a shame really…. Does that (marginalization)  make expressing and articulating your identity in social setting more difficult
Shannon: I lived in Southern Colorado which is suppose to have a big native population and I only, knowingly, met one Native person the entire time I was there
Shannon: Hmmmm…let me think on your question for a moment  ….. Most of my friends are minorities, so I wouldn’t say it makes it difficult to express myself in my own personal social circle….. And, I’m very loud, abrasive and outspoken in all settings.  However, it makes it difficult to be a symbol of any kind. I look white. That’s fine, because I’m half white. I’m okay with that. But I don’t fit a strangers perception of a Native person and therefore, I can’t break stereotypes unless they talk to me. I identify more with being Native but I’m identified by strangers as White. That has it’s pros and cons.


MrMary-ly: I look forward to reading more thoughts from you on your blog on delving into more of your lascivious remarks on Twitter. We could go all night, conversing and such but I dont want to take too much of your times. Is there any message or statement you want to say as final homage  a message to fellow bloggers out there   Also feel free to ask any question,  of me if you’d like to
Shannon: To fellow bloggers: I guess my message would be to not worry about offending your readers and just to be as authentic as possible. However, I’m saying this as someone with a barely read blog, so take it with a grain of salt if having lots of readers is your goal.
MrMary-ly: cool i like your style and blog, and will threaten people to check it out
Shannon: hahaha, yes, please fear monger on my behalf. As an atheist, I disapprove of physical violence. However, verbal violence is A-ok

Stay Tuned for part 3

Check Shannon Out:

Twitter: @shantique
Blog: http://averyrudegirl.blogspot.com/

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