MrMary is Interviewing a Muslim Feminist, Do you have any questions for her

Mes Amis

I am 80 posts away from my 1000th post. That means  that over the year and half (548 days) that this blog has been in existence  there were about 920 times where I consciously made the choice to sit down and open up my mind and thought to you, the consistent, inconsistent and ex-readers of the blog. Sitting back thinking about this, I am a bit blown away by the significance of that. We all lead incredible busy lives and it is really touching to imagine that in the midst of all this activity there were 900+ moments where something personal was shared with you all, with no ulterior motive than just to share. My content has changed a lot as well and this blog has evolved just as much as I have in these 548 days.

While I do write a lot of satirical post, why I sometimes let my lack of shame, dictate how and what I write, I have made a more serious commitment to:

  1. better my blogging craft and website
  2. Talk more about the serious happenings in my life and the world
  3. Continue to interact more with the blogging community

From that commitment comes this interview.

Meet Metis

MrMary has been blessed to have met many incredible people in his peregrinations through life. One of these people I lovingly refer to as my Big Sis. My big sis has always been kind to me in allowing me to talk about what is on my mind, and she has always provided comfort when most need without even having to ask. Luckily for me she is extremely well-educated  and conversation with her has left me really enthused about learning and pushing my knowledge in realms that I was not to familiar. Here is my big sis Metis, in her own words:

74325_112210658844549_2726046_nMy online name is Metis. I am a born Muslim, feminist, mother, wife, sister, writer, teacher and student. I prefer to serve feminism by remaining “undramatic” and unrecognized since my aim is to give exposure and prominence to Muslim feminism (which I am studying for a research degree) and not to myself.”

I feel a lot great things can come from sharing a conversation with Metis with you all as well. We are a community of people after all and I believe there is great merit to opening our eyes to different perspective. The opinions, thoughts, facts, we are exposed to the less blinkered we might be. Also the less intolerant we might also be towards one another. So with that said I am opening up to everyone to in the comment section leave a question or two you would like to ask my Big Sis and I will include it in the interview.Then, the interview will be a collaborative project between the readers of this blog, myself and of course Metis.

Thanks for your time and presence on the blog



  1. Interesting post, MrMary. I’m happy that you know this lovely “Big Sis”…sounds like she is someone who knows exactly who she is, where she’s going and how she’s getting there.

    I’d like to know what her views are on the traditional Muslim dress code for women. One one side, I’ve heard from the women who hate it as it reduces their womanhood to something dangerous that must be caged and unseen. When even young girls can be beaten and killed for not wearing “proper” clothing, isn’t this taking the idea of modesty too far?

    On the other hand, I’ve heard from women who don’t mind wearing a burqa, much less a hajab. (Pardon any spelling mistakes please!) To them, it gives a sense of equality and creates a more chivalrous environment among their male peers. When you don’t have to worry about someone staring at your body, they argue, only then will menfolk treat you as a fellow human.

    I personally see where both sides are coming from, but only agree with the former. Too many times have I read about women in Muslim and/or Arabic countries who are abused or degraded DESPITE being “properly dressed”. I also think it is a smack in the face of men…Are they REALLY saying that they are so unable to control themselves that the sight of female lips, arms or hair would cause an uncontrollable desire to rape? To me, there is a difference between modest dress and irrational dress.

    So, there we go. Your first question!


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