Reminisicing || On March 2, 1889 The Fate of Native Americans were sealed


On This Day (3/2/1889): In 1889 after years of trying to open Indian Territory, President Grover Cleveland signed the 1889 Indian Appropriations Act which officially opened all Native owned “Unassigned Lands” to white settlers via homestead. The initial land area amounted to 1,887,796.47 acres (2,949 miles² or 7,640 km²), however, soon other “unassigned lands” throughout the American West were opened to white settlers. These “unassigned lands” were considered as such because no Native person was directly living on them (i.e., had built a house, or had “improved” the land by constructing fences or planting crops). The U.S. government failed to consider that Native people regularly and cyclically used and resided on these lands when the appropriate season arrived and the resources were plentiful. This land rush has come to be known as the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 or the Sooner Rush.

We’ve all known that American Dream is someone else’s nightmare, we all saw Tom Cruise in Far and Away. The more of his movies I suffer through watching, the richer and more influential he becomes. The Indian Appropriate acts (of which there were a few,the 1889 was the last one) lead to the formation of the reservations.

Let Me Tell You About the reservations

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About 40% of our country’s 4.9 million Native Americans live on reservations  where the living conditions are “comparable to Third World.” 1 out 3 Native Women will be raped in her life of course there is the systematic failures of the judicial system both in and out the reservation.

Our Native people are in very very bad shape. Some psychologists and historians have said that: “the abuse of Indian women and children can be traced to the introduction of  unnatural life ways into Native culture. Scholars support this idea and suggest that violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women directly relates to historical victimization. According to proponents of this idea, domination and oppression of native peoples increased both economic deprivation and dependency through retracting tribal rights and sovereignty. Consequently, American Indian and Alaska Natives today are believed to suffer from internalized oppression and the normalization of violence.”

Just something to think about  next time you cheer the redskins on, or support the name of military weapons after a decimated people.


MrMary –

BTW have you seen this commericial ? And is anyone of native American Heritage a reader of this blog ?


MrMary @ The Movies || Robocop in The IMAX


Plot Summary

robodick2It’s the year 2028 and this cutting-edge robotics company OmniCorp lead by a ruthless Michael Keaton has supplied the U.S. military with drones for use overseas. In the beginning of the movie we learn that they have run into problems with bringing their robotic police/ counter insurgency technology into the USA. OmniCorp decides that they need to court the public. They believe that if the public can get behind a product they can begin to flood the american markets with their technology. The powers that be at Omnicorp decide finally to transform a critically injured police officer Alex Murphy into a cyborg cop. After the first tests aren’t too promising, Detective Murphy is re-programmed to operate strictly on software and not human emotion. While this is initially successful, Murphy’s emotions interfere with his programming. He sets out to right some wrong and all hell breaks loose.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this movie very much in part because Jack Daniels was running through my veins. The Plot Summary is no surprise especially if you saw the first RoboCop movie or like action flicks. If you are going to see the gratuitous killing and bad action movie on-liners you will be partly disappointed. There were no bad one-liners but there was an amazing amount of killing but not of the type that made me cringe when I saw the movie when I was 7 years old. In other words no one was shot in the dick this time around.

That’s what many people are complaining about. To be more specific:”Pretty much like the original but less funny, less violent and with political themes brought to the forefront. Box office gold!“The first Robocop movie was pretty prophetic. If you watch it again you may gawk at the technology and special effects but you see there the seeds of what blossomed into life today: militarization of police, a really fucked up Detroit, technocratic society where CEO can wield power unchecked. I think the greatest thing about this new reboot was that it wasn’t just a recasting of the old movie in a modern context. It is actually a dialogue. So much in our society has changed and that change has been taken into consideration in this movie.  Instead of being a vision of the future there is an allegory for the present. here is an incomplete Dramatis Personae

  • Omnicorp – an almost ubiquitous company that can use their movie and subversive marketing to decide the fate of citizens.
  • There is the News Industrial Complex working in collaboration with whoever wields the most money. Samuel L Jackson does a great job, in his role in the movie. (He looks a little like James Brown though).
  • There is the conflict within between our humanity and our basal drives. I see this most in the character of Robocop. he’s existence is a conundrum. Is he a man or machine? Are we at this moment fully living our potentials as human beings or are we slaves to the lesser drives of material acquisition and seeking comfort and safety.


Of course there are some incredible blurred lines between right and wrong, free an entrapped. But for just this ‘dialogue’ itself between this movie and its predecessor between the America of the late 80’s and the America of the day made the movie worthwhile. It was fun to watch, there was action, some message, and that is more than I can say for most films in this genre. Check it out and tell me what you think


MrMary Responds || America Not One of the 12 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries (1)


Americans could learn a thing or two from the ways people get it on in foreign lands.

In any event, one thing remains certain. Americans are having a lot less sex than our friends overseas. Studies show people in other countries have up to  70 times more sex than we do. Indeed, Americans are only about  48 percent sexually satisfied. So how is sexual satisfaction measured? According to  Durex global research, the drivers include: mutual love and respect between partners; freedom from stress; ability to orgasm; freedom from sexual dysfunction; good mental and physical health; and frequency of sex and foreplay. Oh… and having an exciting sex life! A 2014 study revealed that socio-economic status also impacted levels of sexual satisfaction.

After sifting through all the wacky data and numerous studies out there, AlterNet has formulated a list of countries that consistently rate among the most sexually satisfied, in no particular order. It’s time to reignite our nation’s prowess… in the bedroom.

The 12 Countries

  1. Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Brazil
  5. Greece
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Mexico
  8. India
  9. Australia
  10. Nigeria
  11. Germany
  12. China


It Actually Makes Sense

You see the people their didn’t consider one key thing:maybe due to years of prude behaviours and repressed feelings we only get off when we see other people suffering, and have no respect for ourselves or the people we bring into our bedroom. How else could you explain Spring Break ?

The again you have people working more hours for less pay so of course you can’t fuck happily if you are over worked and broke. Context is everything with that last statement as I have met women who have been broke and over-worked but that just because they go drunk at a frat-party. But consensual bludgeoning aside, for Americans as a whole, the length of a typical work-week hasn’t changed much in years. But for many middle-class workers, job obligations are creeping into free time and family time. For low-income workers, hours have declined due to a shrinking job market, causing underemployment. Either your working too much or too little.

Just looking at these graphs makes me flaccid, which is pretty amazing being that I am research I see graphs all fucking day. (Uhm I am not sporting an erection while I write this though the wording may seem to indicate so)

The Silver Lining

I think this is good for America though. First off we have become after the cold War a factory for producing people allergic to Wheat Glutten and Peanut Butter. I wonder how can we keep up our neo-colonial empire when huge swaths of our nation can be decimated with peanut butter and jelly sammich? I say the less we enjoy life the better. Imagine enough people start enjoying life they will want to have more personal times with their families. This may lead to reading or talking to their neighbours. Eventually people will get ideas: like they are entitled to fair wages, or that we should invest in ourselves instead of investing in War overseas and letting I veterans die from PTSD complication.

While I do not expect America to change in my life time, I do imagine that flights to Brazil and Australia to get more affordable as I go into my 40’s




Even though the American Dream is Dead, Im Sponsoring a Friend who wants to be a Citizen

James Truslow Adams in 1931 defined the American dream as,

“life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.”

American DreamThere are a few things which were off with this. For example, 1930’s America was Jim Crow America. This was the same America that would 11 years later put Japanese Americans in internment camps. So I am a little sceptical that the everyone alluded to in the definition of the dream meant everyone. Also this clearly ignores the entrenched class-warfare that has gone on since the inception of this nation.

My friend is black like me, so becoming a citizen for him is a risk. Think of what that means to accept that you may be gunned down, imprisoned , arrested beaten up, tazed, killed for no reason, other than the colour of your skin.  That is a serious commitment. If he believes despite all he has read and seen ,that America is the place to be, then it is only right as the greatest Patriot of my generation to support him.

For those of you who don’t know, I am the greatest patriot of my generation because I am embrace America for what she is, I don’t try and change her I voice my opinions  and she ignores me. We both know that if I were to voice then too loudly or rally other people together who believe in equality, social mobility, the end to worldwide war warmongering the last image I would see before I received that bullet to my head would be the smear campaign about me on TV.

1780625_780840688610841_1078794254_nAmerica for me is an idea and the USA is the reality of how far we have reach that idea. This one figure summarizes where we have reached so far on our quest to “make America what it ought to be”. One of my favourite sayings came from the Occupy Wall Street Protests: “Wake up from the American Dream. Create a livable American reality.”

I think that the immigrants coming into the USA still carry with them the seeds of hope necessary. I think that there is still some hope from today’s youth who don’t buy into the corporations are people and the rest of the propaganda hurled their way.

So to a future where we leave behind this crippled idea of the American dream and look forward to living sustainable with each other


Looking for the Real Dr. Martin Luther King 2 – Casting a Wide Net of Radical Policies

Read Part 1 Here

martin_luther_king_jr_by_marvin_kronerI knew that I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today–my own government.

When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.


Presenting an Outline

It is clear to me that many of the politician who invoke MLK Jr’s name to curry favor with the public generally do not know the full breadth of his message. What is particularly sad is that while everyone remembers the I Have a  Dream Speech, no mention is made of the plethora of other poignant speeches Dr King. There is one speech in particular that took place in Riverside Church in my home of NYC called Beyond Vietnam. Here is an apt summary of the speech:

King’s ”Beyond Vietnam” speech was delivered at the Riverside Church in New York exactly one year before his assassination. Civil rights leaders urged King not to speak out on the Vietnam War, but he said he could not separate issues of economic injustice, racism, war, and militarism.



In our new media today we never draw relationships between economic injustice, racism war and militarism. If you watched the last Presidential elections you can clearly see that a significant majority of our elected officials do not believe that there is such a thing as economic injustice. There are only lazy people who do not want to work. Furthermore the voting rights law was  gutted 5 months ago because there was “little evidence of continuing racial discrimination in the states that were required to get pre-clearance before changing their voting laws, although Congress had rather pointedly disagreed when it renewed the Voting Rights Act in 2006, 7 years prior. Also having special ops forces in 134 nations ( 705 of the nations on this earth is not an example of militarism -“the belief or desire of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.” War, well we are always at war.

Moving Forward

I would like then to present to you a hodge-podge of snippets of some of what was at the time and to a certain extent current pretty radical thinking from Dr. King. I tried to present as many original quotes as was possible. In the next installment I will wrap it up, but I think it is important in light of our current political ambiance to look at what was considered radical thinking in the 60’s. One of the shortest but  most interesting quotes I found in my search was: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman.”. 

MLK on Women’s Rights and Family planning

“I do not think it is correct to argue that birth control is sinful. The natural order is given us, not as an absolute finality, but as something to be guided and controlled. […] Changes in social and economic conditions make smaller families desirable, if not necessary. […] A final consideration is that women must be considered as more than ‘breeding machines.’ It is true that the primary obligation of the woman is that of motherhood, but an intelligent mother wants it to be a responsible motherhood — a motherhood to which she has given her consent, not a motherhood due to impulse and chance. And this means birth control in some form. All of these factors, seem to me, to make birth control rationally and morally justifiable.” 

MLK on War Militarism

“God didn’t call America to do what she’s doing in the world now. God didn’t call America to engage in a senseless, unjust war as the war in Vietnam. And we are criminals in that war. We’ve committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world, and I’m going to continue to say it. And we won’t stop it because of our pride and our arrogance as a nation. “

How MLK’s Four Idea to battle economic injustice

that the inseparable twin of racial injustice was economic injustice.”  – MLK

“You can’t talk about solving the economic problem of the Negro without talking about billions of dollars. You can’t talk about ending the slums without first saying profit must be taken out of slums. You’re really tampering and getting on dangerous ground because you are messing with folk then. You are messing with captains of industry. Now this means that we are treading in difficult water, because it really means that we are saying that something is wrong with capitalism. There must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism. ” -MLK

Here was King’s Four Ideas to battle economic Injustice 

  1. Ratifying an economic bill of rights
  2. Guaranteeing everyone a basic income
  3. Building a powerful labor movement
  4. Guaranteeing a job for anyone who can work