Method Acting: One of the Best dates I went on

Waves (Photo credit: ahisgett)

One moment of silliness, one random act and pair of sunglasses has kept me laughing for many years. Basically I was on a date about 9 years ago with my current lady. She flew in from LA and was staying with me for a couple weeks. Since she is from LA and I from NYC I thought It would be nice to walk down memory lane with her.

I took her to the library where I spent my entire solitary youth, I even showed her the libraries and security guards that were there when I was a young lady that had ages what seemed centuries but still preserved in an odd way by the obsolete compactness of the miles and miles of books there. I took her to the Botanical Gardens  and to Prospect park. I showed her the first tree I climbed and climbed it. It was the only tree I climbed and hope to ever climb, I showed her my old building and where the one bedroom apt was were I lives my first 17 years of life, and the window from which I used to spray the cult that worships next door with water.

The Park and Stevie Wonder

So we are out in the park and for some reason though its not summer I have sunglasses  and these kind of looked like the glasses people wear after cataract surgery. I told her I am going to pretend to be blind, and follow my lead. I played the part of a blind young adult and she was my crappy care taker. I pretended to fall, and would say ” I know I’m blind but I am a human being, I just want to walk” …… “It bad enough I can’t see, please don’t let me fall”  Unfortunately I am a great actor, as I learned the first time I had sex. My lady loves to laugh and I love to make her laugh and she cannot stifle her laughter at all.

Everyone in the park thought she was laughing at the blind young man in her care falling down. I heard people snicker, and say what a bitch she was under their breathe, and that people with disabilities shouldn’t be treated like that. Eventually we walked away slowly from that crowded area and then jetted (slang for got the fuck out of there). We laughed  and laughed and when we remember this event we laugh.

The Secret to Acting like One is blind

Nostalgia! I thought about all those times in my life when things weren’t as I imagined them to be. I thought about the unfulfilled wants I had and the fiery ambition to fulfil them to the utmost. I thought how in reality I am truly blind, but I thought of those moments of vision those fractions of second where I can see. It become an incredible symphony piece, an incredibly rhythm or undulation, an infinite ocean of Unknowning and moments of knowing or reason of sense that break forth from the face of the sea. And I danced in a way to that rhythm. To every else around me I was for all intents and purposes blind, and probably an asshole for pulling that prank

random quote from the Maestro Borges

Borges with cat

“Little by little I came to realize the strange irony of events.  I had always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.  Others think of a garden or of a palace.  There I was, the center, in a way, of nine hundred thousand books in various languages, but I found I could barely make out the title pages and the spines.  Those two gifts contradicted each other: the countless books and the night, the inability to read them.”


  1. Hahaha! That’s hilarious. We used to do that all the time too. When I was 17 or something I stole some cell phones and at the end of the day, after selling some, I had two left so we decided to have some fun with it. So we walked into a shopping centre and acted like I was on the phone having an argument with a girlfriend. So I started yelling, louder and louder and the cursing became increasingly colorful and when I noticed I had a big enough audience I smashed the phone on the floor, yelling “fuckyou! You whore! How could you!” and stomped it to pieces. Then my friend called me on my own cell phone and I picked up, super calm and said: “hey baby. I’m sorry about earlier. You know I loveyou right?”

    People were super confused and had no idea what they just witnessed.


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