A Thank You to Everyone || MrsMary is doing fine and Other News

Last week my lady, the lovely Mrs.MaryMuthaFuckingPoppins had a miscarriage. It was a difficult time. I had thought about shutting down the blog for a week or two but I did not. As with life difficulty and laughter come hand in hand. I worked from home and spent time with the lady cooking dinner  and watching stuff together on the TV and of course telling jokes. I have always had the uncanny ability to make the Mrs. laugh. So it worked out well; well as well can be given the circumstances.

I wanted to thank those of you who knew for the love and compassion you showed.

A Heart Felt Thanks

I’d also like to thanks my readers for reading. I write because I cannot help it. I have learned how to shut up and censor my words in public in most cases but the written word for me is my last bastion for free speech. However I must say as I come to my second year blogging on this blog, that there are many threats to free speech. Small mindedness, bigotry, hypocrisy, and the need to be constantly entertained  permeate the blogosphere. Recently I was quite disgusted with blogging. It happens cyclically  with me. But, whenever I get disgusted with what I some reader of mine leaves what is to them an innocuous comment and it restores my faith in blogging.

So thanks to everyone who follows me, who has followed me and doesn’t, who doesn’t follow me but stopped by.

I appreciate you spending time here



  1. Much love and healing to you and the Mrs. If I could, I’d send some of the chicken soup I made over the weekend…I’m very sorry to read about this.


    • Thanks Leela :-). The doctors found an undiagnosed thyroid problem that was probably the culprit. We are seeing a specialist today actually. I love chicken soupI havent had it in a bit. Hope you are well it was nice to hear from you



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