how are you choosing to go?

thought provoking post on freedom the power of choice. relationships. Check it out

tempted? then take a bite | thoughts from the kaur

Sartre famously said “we are thrown into the world”. From nothingness we come into existence. We do not choose to exist but we do. No one asked for our permission to exist or our preference of existing to not existing. I’m sure some some of us were perfectly fine in the state of non-existence but the reality of it all is is that we are here; we exist. We are thrown into this chaotic and meaningless world amongst things and others, thrown into infinite possibilities and with the possibility (and the inevitability) of our death. We’re in the process of dying. If this thought makes you anxious you can also say that what we are currently doing is living. Whichever way you choose to view it (as living or dying); with each passing second, each breath we take, we head into an indefinite future. Yes. Indefinite future. We are going…

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