Happy New Year Everyone and 2013 in Review

HIGHLIGHTS: I got back into working out this year, became an uncle, went on my first vacation in a long time, got into pipe smoking, and went absolutely fucking bananas for a little bit. I bought Ms Mary expensive jewelry

The last two new Years I was part of that epidemic of lonely dudes that find no solace or comfort in the coming new year other than reaching the bottom of the bottle of whatever I was drinking. Ibsen said that the strongest men are the most alone, and for many years I drew strength from that, and I still do but I actually feel happy and full of energy and I haven’t felt that in a good 3 years.

Despite the depression, and all the chaos, I have accomplished a lot. I am usually very sick around this time of year because I tend to work hard and push myself  hustle hard  for 11 months and then my body just gives. This year I wasn’t as sick and I did something I havent done in years. I watched TV! I did absolutely nothing, I was completely lethargic ate tons of pizza, tons of Chinese food, I drank perhaps rivers of beer. You  I only gained 3 lbs too.

It was fucking epic!

2014 seems like its gonna be fucking epic, the pain in my left foot, right hip, right shoulder and lower back is all gone, the debt that was garnishing my paycheck was paid. I want to further involve myself in the things that made me happy in 2013.  What this means  is that I’m gonna kick the blog up a few fucking notches this year !!!! lots of things I want to do.

But before I start any of that I wanted to say thank you  for all your support – reading my stuff, liking and reblogging.  I really really appreciate, and I don’t say it enough.


A Thank You to Everyone || MrsMary is doing fine and Other News

Last week my lady, the lovely Mrs.MaryMuthaFuckingPoppins had a miscarriage. It was a difficult time. I had thought about shutting down the blog for a week or two but I did not. As with life difficulty and laughter come hand in hand. I worked from home and spent time with the lady cooking dinner  and watching stuff together on the TV and of course telling jokes. I have always had the uncanny ability to make the Mrs. laugh. So it worked out well; well as well can be given the circumstances.

I wanted to thank those of you who knew for the love and compassion you showed.

A Heart Felt Thanks

I’d also like to thanks my readers for reading. I write because I cannot help it. I have learned how to shut up and censor my words in public in most cases but the written word for me is my last bastion for free speech. However I must say as I come to my second year blogging on this blog, that there are many threats to free speech. Small mindedness, bigotry, hypocrisy, and the need to be constantly entertained  permeate the blogosphere. Recently I was quite disgusted with blogging. It happens cyclically  with me. But, whenever I get disgusted with what I some reader of mine leaves what is to them an innocuous comment and it restores my faith in blogging.

So thanks to everyone who follows me, who has followed me and doesn’t, who doesn’t follow me but stopped by.

I appreciate you spending time here