Say Anything You Want to Say – A New Series For You

Hello Everyone,

This blog has lacked something.

For a while I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Until recently. The idea behind this new series is that any of you out there  can come on this blog and say anything you want as your own online persona or anonymously. MrMary is my sobriquet and an exaggerated projection of some qualities of mine. While quite often I sign off as MrMary, there are times when I write to you as Dave. Sometimes it is easy to forget that behind the name there is a person there not a character you have come to know.

I thought to turn that into something. I started asking some bloggers I have gotten to know if they would be willing to write a post here, no topic no deadline, just whenever they want to whatever they want to. No stress, no nothing, just an open mic for whatever you want to say.  This isn’t about views, or promotions, just saying anything you want to say.

I already have a great post from Renee, from RendezVous with Renee that will be posted this Monday. If you are interested in posting something, just lemme know. Leave a comment or email me @



SHowing that Blogger Love || Happy Bday to Ms Jen and Tonic

I had the pleasure of Interviewing the Lovely Ms Jen and Tonic Oct 30, 2012. She was a participant in my Have You been Experienced blogging tour

81Let me bring you back to a special moment

MrMary Flashes Back

Question 6: What is the greatest thing about your audience ? My audience laughs at my jokes and makes me feel better about myself. They have helped me deal with my chronic masturbation problem…uhm sorry I think that was too much information.

Your audience discourages you from doing that? Mine encourages me! My favorite thing about my audience is that they’re all funnier than I am. And smarter. And cooler. And better-looking. Honestly, I love each of my Hooked on Tonics. I feel like they’re all really good people.

Question 7: Finally if I was Santa Claus and you had to sit on my lap for a wish what would you ask me for

For you to scoot a bit to the left because your boner is poking me.

The Serious & Slightly Sentimental Bit

I am not the only one who can say that Jen has been nice to me, and that is something that is nice and makes blogging on this platform  really special compared to other places I have blogged on.  We are all part of a community, and it’s nice to have Jen a part of it. I know that whether I am telling dirty jokes, or talking about writing,  social issues, or personal stuff I can trust that I don’t have to explain that I am just joking around, or that I really don’t dress up as Santa and ask pretty women in my age bracket to whisper their private wishes into my ear, for leisure. (I actually do it for work during the holidays, and pull out some sex toy from my sack; it’s how I combat the war on women in America).

So Happy Bday Jen !!!!!!!!


A Thank You to Everyone || MrsMary is doing fine and Other News

Last week my lady, the lovely Mrs.MaryMuthaFuckingPoppins had a miscarriage. It was a difficult time. I had thought about shutting down the blog for a week or two but I did not. As with life difficulty and laughter come hand in hand. I worked from home and spent time with the lady cooking dinner  and watching stuff together on the TV and of course telling jokes. I have always had the uncanny ability to make the Mrs. laugh. So it worked out well; well as well can be given the circumstances.

I wanted to thank those of you who knew for the love and compassion you showed.

A Heart Felt Thanks

I’d also like to thanks my readers for reading. I write because I cannot help it. I have learned how to shut up and censor my words in public in most cases but the written word for me is my last bastion for free speech. However I must say as I come to my second year blogging on this blog, that there are many threats to free speech. Small mindedness, bigotry, hypocrisy, and the need to be constantly entertained  permeate the blogosphere. Recently I was quite disgusted with blogging. It happens cyclically  with me. But, whenever I get disgusted with what I some reader of mine leaves what is to them an innocuous comment and it restores my faith in blogging.

So thanks to everyone who follows me, who has followed me and doesn’t, who doesn’t follow me but stopped by.

I appreciate you spending time here



MrMary on Blogging: My Five Inspired Blogging Quotes to Reinvigorate You

While we all may blog for different reasons I don’t think it’s presumptuous to say that we love freedom of expression. At some point in your blogging history you may realize that you aren’t as free as you once thought.

After some time you’ll get an audience. You wont get to know, usually, the majority of your followers personally but they still can weigh heavily on your self-expression. Do you cater to your readers and only talk about the topical stuff they’d like you to talk about or do you talk about whatever you feel called to talk about whether everyone likes it or not? Who do you aim to please first: yourself or your audience. Well for me, my audience and I are kinda sorta married for better or worse and being how great marriage is going these days, I might as well please myself.

I’m being a bit cheeky. The truth is that you define your relationship to your audience in a very indirect roundabout way. You write about a particular topic –> it get likes —> So you write more about it.  But that gets boring.  I thought I would write something for your for when that time comes where you need a change to reclaim some of that freedom for yourself. Here are my 4/24 inspiring thought based on some Jack Kerouac quotes I was mulling over recently for something I am writing.  I have adapted them to blogging.

 My Four Blogging Observation I will Share with you now


Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.

There is a giant gulf between how others see you the blogger as a person and how you see yourself. It is impossible for the complexity that is the hallmark of the human existence to be carried over through the screen and it’s not your responsibility to do so. Writing opens up you up to live deeper, it is existential KY jelly

“a sociable smile is nothing but a mouth full of teeth”

Presentation rules so much more over content. If you attempt to talk about something in a way that people are not familiar with you and your work will be shunned. You are only free to express things people want you to express to make them feel good and better about themselves. I have found this in every form of media. Sometimes I feel that in certain cases a like can serve as this sociable smile

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.

Posts on Sex, Cats, Flatulence in public, Cronuts, Celebrity news do infinitely better than posts on class warfare, sexism , racism and environmental crises. This is not to decry fun or distractions  however I noticed a strong trend of keeping one’s head in the sand about things, and not dealing with them until they become completely unavoidable.

“If critics say your work stinks it’s because they want it to stink and they can make it stink by scaring you into conformity with their comfortable little standards. Standards so low that they can no longer be considered “dangerous” but set in place in their compartmental understandings.”

Talking about current events/topics dear to you is a double-edged sword  especially if you are writer more than a blogger. Sometimes a piece or post, no matter how many times you rewrite comes out a certain way. The Catcher in the Rye was a controversial book. “Salinger had a lot of nerve to publish it in 1951, given its amount of profanity, sexual scenes, general subversive nature, and lots and lots of smoking and drinking.” This book is now considered a classic. Not many other books took to talked about the complex issues of identity, belonging, connection, and alienation among young adults. There were many detractors of this work and it was banned in many places.

ok thats it


MrMary on Blogging: Effectuate change, dick jokes or both – My Responce to Daan’s Departure

Effectuate change, dick jokes or both

Bloggers can do much to effectuate change in the world and I wonder aside from the joking around is there anything more to blogging ?

The idea that everyone is their own brand makes me sick. A brand is something to be sold  something being buy into and invest in. It is  a product of a capitalistic mindset. I create a smartly packaged  product (my thoughts) and sell it to people. After it gains some popularity I invite other people to invest in it (with comments and reblogs) and I lend my “fame” to make that person popular ( directing my readership  to visit their site) That’s the bare bones process. I suspect because I am quite cynical, the discussions, that come from this set up are neutered in that they lack anything “living in them that can effectuate change”. – (There is more to it than this of course but Ill write about that in another post.)

However there is another side to it. Many of us come here from the trials and tribulations of our day and we need to relax. We need some sort of human interaction.  So we come online we visit our favorite bloggers we talk we interact leave salacious comments on each others blogs. And I cannot help but wonder,  how engaged should each of us be in talking about the social crises of the world ?  I think that this has to be answered on a case by case basis. I personally am sometimes serious, and am sometimes, sarcastic and sybaritical in my style of expression, other times I am  all over the place. I am here as  I am in real life. For instance I wrote a lot about the Trayvon Martin case and I have also written a post about channeling the of General Sherman in his total  warfare campaign when approaching cunnilingus for the first time. In effect this me all the fucking time, but I need another job so I cant but my real name here. For me as a blogger what counts in the type of responses I get from you the reader.  I don’t write for reblogs or likes, I write to share with you. I hope my blog never really gets popular so I can keep talking with you all. That is what this Greatest Moment in Blog History Series on this blog is all about. It is a bombastically satirical declaration of the fact that I am person who wants to talk and share with other people about what is going on in the world around me and of course the contents of my own silly thoughts as encapsulated by this following picture.


Admit it You like the Fat Powerlifter look

Daan and His Departure

If you don’t know Daan you’re missing out. This is not a recommendation for his blog which is a great blog, this is me David saying something nice about a real person who just so happens to be a blogger. He is leaving the blogsophere, you can read about it here. Let me share one poignant part of his blog post:

I started this blog to inspire, educate and, perhaps, help someone. To make people think about what’s happening around them and in the world today, through poetryshort storiesflash-fiction and, occasionally, a personal post. The problem with owning a blog is: you can’t control what sort of people you attract and you can’t punch those that annoy you.The trolls know that. On the internet they can be the man (or woman) they never could be in real life. I usually ignore these people, or I set them straight, after which they usually (sort of) apologize, but if I was able to teleport myself  to each of their faces, I promise you, hospitals worldwide would be having capacity problems.

I read their blogs and all I see is a little, insecure person adding layer after layer and lie after lie to their empty core, pretending they have some sort of dignity and principles, when all they really want is attention. To feed their insecurity. And they succeed. Their veiled self-glorification actually brings them readers.

It sickens me.

This world is already filled with masses paying attention to the wrong things and all these fools are doing is adding to the noise and distracting the people from the actual issues. Nobody gives a shit about the thousands of people that die every day, because they have no food or water. Nobody gives a shit about the children that built the very laptop I’m typing on right now for 5 cents an hour.

My thoughts

When I look at human history there have been individuals who through personal effort and being at the right place at the right time have effectuated a change that has moved people and turned civilization in one direction or another. I doubt there will ever be a time and I hope, I’m proven wrong, where everyone is so conscious and aware but more so empathetic to the different causes that affect people around them. Utopia’s don’t exist even in our minds. The internet is a facsimile of the real world. It’s a place where illicit activity go one, it is a place where horrible transactions are made, and its a place where the venom of our everyday struggles in the real world make a home for themselves. My take was always to make a few but significant connects to the people that cross my path.

Daan has pointed to a real truth, that many people have stated before: that human beings cannot stand much reality or that in many cases we choose to keep ourselves blissfully ignorant rather than accept the world and our role in its present state. That I don’t think is gonna be fixed any time soon.  It part of the existential crisis we face when we choose to either contionue to wallow in our own sociological and personal excrementfiguratively or to inform ourselves and our enrich our experiences of the world and its denizens. I am sad to see Daan go honestly. It makes me want to go to, because sometimes it’s get nauseatingly ridiculous seeing the same bullshit Daan talks mentions day after day. Actually I have often wondered could I make better use of my time writing for my own publications? Daan will be sorely missed (like how I was by my prom date- sorely). I wish him all the best in his endeavors and look forward to what he creates next. I know it will be impactful, a work of passion , moving, at times light-hearted, far-reaching in its scope just like Daan himself. I hope he comes back to write more but I can tell the conviction in his tone that it probably wont happen.

So to Daan, You will be missed, and you’re always welcome here, much love