Say Anything You Want to Say – A New Series For You

Hello Everyone,

This blog has lacked something.

For a while I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Until recently. The idea behind this new series is that any of you out there  can come on this blog and say anything you want as your own online persona or anonymously. MrMary is my sobriquet and an exaggerated projection of some qualities of mine. While quite often I sign off as MrMary, there are times when I write to you as Dave. Sometimes it is easy to forget that behind the name there is a person there not a character you have come to know.

I thought to turn that into something. I started asking some bloggers I have gotten to know if they would be willing to write a post here, no topic no deadline, just whenever they want to whatever they want to. No stress, no nothing, just an open mic for whatever you want to say.  This isn’t about views, or promotions, just saying anything you want to say.

I already have a great post from Renee, from RendezVous with Renee that will be posted this Monday. If you are interested in posting something, just lemme know. Leave a comment or email me @


SHowing that Blogger Love || Happy Bday to Ms Jen and Tonic

I had the pleasure of Interviewing the Lovely Ms Jen and Tonic Oct 30, 2012. She was a participant in my Have You been Experienced blogging tour

81Let me bring you back to a special moment

MrMary Flashes Back

Question 6: What is the greatest thing about your audience ? My audience laughs at my jokes and makes me feel better about myself. They have helped me deal with my chronic masturbation problem…uhm sorry I think that was too much information.

Your audience discourages you from doing that? Mine encourages me! My favorite thing about my audience is that they’re all funnier than I am. And smarter. And cooler. And better-looking. Honestly, I love each of my Hooked on Tonics. I feel like they’re all really good people.

Question 7: Finally if I was Santa Claus and you had to sit on my lap for a wish what would you ask me for

For you to scoot a bit to the left because your boner is poking me.

The Serious & Slightly Sentimental Bit

I am not the only one who can say that Jen has been nice to me, and that is something that is nice and makes blogging on this platform  really special compared to other places I have blogged on.  We are all part of a community, and it’s nice to have Jen a part of it. I know that whether I am telling dirty jokes, or talking about writing,  social issues, or personal stuff I can trust that I don’t have to explain that I am just joking around, or that I really don’t dress up as Santa and ask pretty women in my age bracket to whisper their private wishes into my ear, for leisure. (I actually do it for work during the holidays, and pull out some sex toy from my sack; it’s how I combat the war on women in America).

So Happy Bday Jen !!!!!!!!