Shit I say to my therapist: Secruity and the Neighborhood Watch

MrMary:Yeah I like this neighborhood this building especially
Therapist: Why’s that ?
MrMary:I like for instance the security guard and door man  – The security guard especially are here to make the inhabitants of this building feel secure. The existence of a security guard here implies that there is something valuable to protect, what’s valuable to protect here in the building are the people.Socially/Economically they are deemed to be worth more than other people.  There are other buildings larger buildings with no security guards and they don’t seem to be worth as much.
Therapist:  I think that the people here are just paying for services someone to open the door take care of their packages
MrMary: The Fact that they can pay and willing to pay makes them special. Other people cannot do the same.  In an urban environment there are invisible boundaries of communities that say where the cash flow and the racial diversity start and end. The security guards arent like the secuirty guards I see in other buildings. They Look like the people who live in the building.
Therapist: …… [silence] ….MrMary:Compare this to a neighborhood watch where every neighbor watches out for another neighborhood. There isn’t an industry build around servicing their needs and making them feel safe in the same way that there are doorman and security guards….. I think its been one of the major themes of the election that different  economic classes experience different realities than others, and that some are catered too its always been like that in history
Therapist: ….. [silence]…..

[—– silence last for 2 minutes —–]

Therapist: How was your weekend Did you do anything fun ?

Some Thoughts

Class struggle is a major part of history and that’s not going to change. I think no where is that between seen for me than living in the city I do NYC.  I work near some of the most luxuries places in the city and about 3 blocks from them some of the most poorest and disenfranchised neighborhood one can find. I don’t believe in utopias. I think that they are a fancy dream .

There is no basis in the natural world for a utopia where everyone has equally everything. It is clear that some people work harder and smarter than others, some people are , bad with money etc. There are many factors  that make one successful. But it’s always a fine line between lauding people’s successes and lauding a system that seeks to derives its successes by exploiting others.

The Reality

A lot of times when I talk openly and sincerely say what I feel I end up pissing people off or making them uncomfortable. I don’t think my therapists liked me shitting on the building  and the people within.

I think I will always feel uncomfortable in some settings, due to the where I grew up and when.  Did I tell you they are going to make  dry-bar in the building. Do you know what a dry bar is ?

Drybar is a brand new “blow dry bar” concept created around a very simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts for only $40. You see, we believe that almost everyone (even us pros) prefers having someone else blow out their hair. Why? It just looks better! We also believe there has to be a better option than paying $60+ at a traditional salon, or going to a less-than-desirable discount chain. But there’s not. So, we decided to make one.

For $40 you can blow deez nutz dry


  1. “…a system that seeks to derives its successes by exploiting others.” That pretty much sums up Capitalism.

    The dry-bar thing is hysterical.

    You may want to find a new therapist, LOL. I don’t know if I would be comfortable with a therapist that got pissy because I commented on the building (in an honest way) that he/she practices in. Unless you want to combine your therapy with good blow-out. I’m all for multi-tasking. I am, right now, polishing the silver with my toes (HA! Like I have toes.)


  2. “A lot of times when I talk openly and sincerely say what I feel I end up pissing people off or making them uncomfortable.” Same for me, but you want to know what my philosophy is? “FUCK IT.” Life is too short to stop being authentic. There’s a difference between honesty and being mean, and if people don’t like hearing the simple truth well…too bad.


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