Replace “Camcorder” with Instagram/Twitter :-D

George Carlin

And camcorders. Here is technology gone berserk. Everywhere you go now there’s some dick, some yo-yo, some putz with a camcorder, and he is going to tape everything! Doesn’t anyone in this country just stop and look at things anymore, sort of take them in, maybe even … remember them? Is that such a strange notion? Does that … does experience have to be documented and brought home and saved on a shelf? And do people really watch this shit? Are people’s lives so bankrupt they sit at home looking at things they already did? These guys are so intense, you know? It’s always guys; they won’t let women touch the cameras, it’s a highly technical skill. Look through a hole, push on a button—big skill. And there … and they all think they’re Federico Fellini. You ever see ’em here with this shit? Low angles, zooms and pans, and it’s the same ugly three children in every God damn shot. All the George Lucas magic in Hollywood is not going to change the unfortunate genetic configuration on the faces of these children. Keep these unfortunate youngsters out of public view!


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