Another Reason to Hate Texas || Police Pull Over 3 Women & Search Their Vaginas For Marijuana


When I saw this pictures for this I thought I was looking at the scene of A lesbian bachelorette party gone wild. I thought the female Officer in question had a silly name like “Officer Seymoore Pussay” but I was mistaken, gravely mistaken.

Here are the Facts:

  1. A pair of videos posted online show police probing the genitals and anal regions of three women they claim to suspect of possessing marijuana. In one video, a woman is seen bent over and grimacing as an off camera police officer conducts the search. Shortly before this search, a male officer explains to the woman that he is calling a female officer over “because I ain’t about to get up close and personal with your woman areas.”
  2. In one video yells can be heard as the female trooper shoves her gloved finger inside one woman.
  3. In both invasive incidents, the female troopers don’t change gloves between probes, according to the horrified victims.
  4. Texas officials say the searches are unconstitutional. So do attorneys for the shaken women, who have filed federal lawsuits. But lawyers and civil rights advocates say these cavity searches are really standard policy among the Texas Department of Public Safety’s state troopers, despite their illegality — not to mention that they were conducted on the side of the road in full view of passing motorists.

My Thoughts

This is why I  don’t travel through the south with my lady. I cannot  sit by passively while some cop finger rapes my lady. Of course I would probably curse her out and some something smart, and would be beaten till I am a cripple and them after a long trial that would cost the state of Texas million , I’d be summarily execute for being  at the wrong place at the wrong time. it be different, if off hours the female officer wore that uniform and consensually went through this script I wrote for me and some out of luck but hopeful method actresses, called

catBut that is another story and also an crazy old post you can read here.

But seriously now,  this is bullshit and completely unconstitutional  and unfortunately another reason to hate Texas, the land were everything is larger and more ostentatious: racism, civil rights violations and I would imagine the finger that will certainly impacts your orifices if you look suspicious.

Check out the videos and decide for yourself:



  1. What the…? Is this some kind of weird whacked out on-camera joke? They are for real doing this????????? Jesus help, America is speeding in reverse. How is this not a violation of a woman’s body?!! Ugh. I hope they win this case and this stupidity receives national attention!!!!!


  2. Those poor women! Imagine a cavity search would be humiliating enough, but by the side of the road? What a vile abuse of power, and for what? Looking for a little bit of a plant!


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