My Message to America As the Elections Wind Down

With the elections winding down to a close many of us will have a lot more free time . Gone will be the days where we stalked and trolled our ‘friend’s’ Facebook page, and left them boorishly sarcastic comments about how wrong they were about everything and how right we were.

Gone will be the 10 hours & 12 pages political debates typed into a tiny box. 140 characters at the time. And most sad of all, gone will be the days when we can feign offense to give our fallacious arguments more weight. A lot of people will no longer be blocked and will rejoin the fold of humanity (social media is all about quality not quantity.)

To all of you it has been fun! It has been insightful! I can’t remember a time where I felt simultaneously oddly excited, bellicose, ashamed, fatigued and in need of a shower. (Well I do remember but there would be many legal complications pending. I l look forward to participating again in this modern day remake of  a bacchanalia again in 2016.

In the meantime I leave with these parting words:

The sun has gone
To bed and so must I

So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye


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