My Live tweeting of my Voting Experience 2012 thus Far

The Beginning

Theme Song: 

I don’t like this song but right after the black eye peas made this video in japan an earthquake happened. I think this election will shake America up in such a way that mediocrity will continue to be the goal we collectively aspire #NonsequitorLogic

Showing you my Tweets,

show me Yours

Can You Dig It?

‏@MrMaryMuthafing I felt something in the pit of my stomache, its the ghost of all those who died so I could vote cheering me on today

@MrMaryMuthafing Actuallly it wasnt Ghosts. All historic days begin on the crapper loosing my #poliginity will have to wait

@MrMaryMuthafing Walking the dogs its not historic but can go vote with a houee full of shit losing my #poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing Im so gonna work the polls today and then Ill go vote #poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing I said Romney 3 times in the mirror & the ghosts of republicans pasts hid all my condoms. Im gonna have to vote raw now without protection

@MrMaryMuthafing Are there multiple choices options next to Romneys name ? Will the real a Mitt Romney please stand up #Bademinemreferencemonths late

@MrMaryMuthafing  Oh yea a brief therapy visit, lil bit work then back home 2 vote Cant believe my therapist scheduled for today she must be part of Al Qeada

@MrMaryMuthafing No matter the election results can we all pitch in to get Mitt some new in style jeans

@MrMaryMuthafing I feel so cold Mitt Romneys evil presence is hovering above me

 ‏@MrMaryMuthafing I’m voting for: My selfish concerns 2012

@MrMaryMuthafing All the momunentuousness has made me a bit farty today either that or the left over cole slaw I had at 3am
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Proud 2B American 2day 2 people joined me singing Im every women 100 years ago a negro, a women & her gay friend couldnt sing whitney songs
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Love seeing americans come together esp when no one or their chair is getting lynched #poliginity
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Ok my therapist days I’m sane enough to vote there’s no thinking involved just matching skin tones like I’m at home depot #GoBrown

@MrMaryMuthafing When do all the hot girls vote ? Right now its only grandmas I see They need loving too but i dont want nice cards with singles afterwards.



  1. I pretty much, absolutely hate the Black Eyed Peas for numerous reasons. But, I do hold a place in my heart for Will I. Am because I saw that he supported kids getting more involved with science in school. Other than that, they are shit.


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