My Acceptance Speech for the Working to Change the World Award

Banksy-life-is-beautifulI was reading a rough draft of one of the posts I wrote this week to a friend, and she asked me if there was anything I loved? Is there anything that isn’t the recipient of my vitriol and acerbic words as of late. After I reminded her that my vitriol is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment, I told her, in effect the same thing I am about to tell you.

I find life tragically beautiful in its ephemerality as well as its enduring nature.

homeless-manToday on the way to work I saw two homeless men sharing a space together in a train station.One homeless man was Caucasian and the other was Black. The Black guy was helping the white guy tie his shoes- he was quite old and had difficulties with his joints. From the way he did it, you could tell that he had done it countless time before.What struck me the most about this tender scene between friends was that they didn’t see each other’s color, they didn’t see the disapproving looks being sent their ways.

I have lived through difficult periods of times and I have always noticed that when one is on the fringes, when society choses to ignore you as if you don’t exist, so much tension that we see in our society dissipate. As long I feel as we are addicted to the drug of materialism,of acquiring more and more, the more we  deny ourselves the pleasures of looking past our sociological conditioning, and seeing human beings where once people we were scared of and don’t like used to stand.

I stayed to look at that image. There was something redeeming about it. Maybe one day the tension will give way to something greater and blacks and whites will one day work together side by side inside Chinese concentration camps. Wherever there is tragedy there is comedy I find. I looked at my news feed on Facebook recently and I found these two articles in this exact order.

Study Shows White People Believe They Experience More Racism Than Black People

Researchers from Harvard and Tufts University have conducted a surprising study which shows that white people think that much needed racial progress has been made since the 1950s — but at their expense.  Both racial groups indicated that there has been some definite change in the racial climate since then. But the surprising piece of the puzzle is that white people now believe that the decrease in anti-black racism has led to the rise of anti-white racism. In other words, white people believe that equality has been reached but that this has subjected them to experience more racism than black folk.

Cop ‘Stops And Frisks’ African American Teen, Literally Destroying His Genitals

A 16-yr-old African American boy was sexually assaulted by a police officer during a “stop and frisk” pat-down. The assault was committed with such violence that the youth’s testicles were literally ruptured. Now, Darrin Manning of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may never be able to father children, according to the doctors who performed surgery on his virtually destroyed testicles. Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble. He was with his teammates heading to a game right after school when he encountered an officer who decided he was “suspicious” and needed to be subjected to local “stop and frisk” procedures. All of the boys with Darrin had scarves covering the lower parts of their faces. But this was simply due to the extreme cold weather that had swept the region, with record-low temperatures that day. Veronica Joyner, the Principal of the high school the teens attended, said that she herself had given the boys scarves to wear to keep warm in the freezing temperatures. Twenty minutes later, she was informed of Darrin’s “arrest.”

There is something deeply disturbing here in the story of Darrin Manning, especially when you consider he is being still charged for reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault, and resisting arrest. But there is something almost comedic when you place the two headlines together.

I write on this blog to shed light on these instances of comedy and tragedy that force us to question our humanity personally as well as collectively. I write sometimes to provoke a reaction and see if people nowadays still have a heart, because I am not convinced we do any more. I write because I am sad and angry that the very organizations that are supposed to serve us keep us divided. I write because I feel alone in what I see when I look out the window. I also write because its the only time I feel good.

This isn’t  a popular blog, and it was never meant to be. I wanted to talk to people who cared, people who have a sense of humor and who find life beautiful as well. To be nominated for this award was particularly special, especially when there are so many more entertaining blog posts out there like the Best Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup one lol I will stop.

Thank you so much to Dr Rex for the Nomination

~~The Rules~~


  1. Post the award on your blog
  2. Link back to the person you nominated you
  3. List one thing — however small — that you think would make the world better if everyone did it
  4. Nominate bloggers whom you feel help to Change the World — there’s no minimum or maximum, just a list of those you feel are deserving

One thing small I would do that would make the world a better place is make it mandatory for everyone to volunteer to do work that helped the disadvantaged. I do not mean sitting in an air-conditioned office, I mean actually interacting with the people being helped etc.

People I Nominate



Laura Lynne





  1. Congratulations! Keep pointing and laughing.

    I find that whenever I see someone who needs a hand, any racial or other consideration goes away.
    Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near the point where I don’t at least have passive racism (if I’m being honest here).
    I’m trying to work on that.

    It also falls away, like any other generalization, when it comes to specific people.


  2. lol at blacks and whites will work side by side in Chinese concentration camps. I like how you snuck that in after so much sincerity. As for white people thinking they experience more racism: *headdesk* I don’t know how to convince some people that it’s not a zero-sum game, that there’s not a set amount of racism swirling around out there that *has* to be spread around and therefore as people of color experience less of it, white people experience more.


    • Hey Trophos,

      Hope you are well!

      I love that joke its a Frankie Boyle joke, the one about the concentration camps. I cannot be serious for to long online, also in person too. I have a lot more material coming to cover that topic. Hope you are well and gearing up for a good weekend


  3. “I write because I feel alone in what I see when I look out the window. I also write because its the only time I feel good.”
    I think you have such a gift of words, such insight and a heap of love inside you that you should never feel alone, ever. There are lots of us out here who share your views and your disgust of racism and injustice. Lots and lots…’one love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright’ Thanks Bob Marley.
    I read only a few blogs, yours is one of them, and I read to be instructed, to learn something. You never fail to instruct and amuse at the same time. It’s a talent that is rare and beautiful.
    On another, lighter note, GO SEA HAWKS! I am building a SnackStadium because A: I’m from Seattle and 2: I’m crazy and furthermore: I have the chops to do it! An architecturally sound replica of a football stadium made out of food? Hellyah!


    • Hola Again Laura Lynn,

      How are ya?

      First off a Snack stadium is amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle and drink copious amounts of Microbrews and coffee intermittently to keep me hopped up but no so much that I am annoying others around me. Thanks for the compliments I don’t know what to say. From time to time, Dave will come out in a post and not MrMary. MrMary is fictitious but a reactionary figure. If he is the reaction posts like this are the response. There is a lot of love in the world but we never focus on it, it seems that we like to focus on the self-denigrating violent narrative that keeps us divided. It’s sad to see this but I am ever the idealist and feel it will change.

      I dont have a team Im rooting for and prolly will not be watching the game as I dont watch TV or much anything really but its nice to see everyone excited over something. there is some redeeming about it


      • Funny you say that because yesterday I was talking to someone and they said ‘Don’t you wish we could come together like this without it being a BIG corporation that does it?’ and I said “Fuck it man, it’s football. What ever it takes”
        Should you ever choose to come and visit the Emerald City be assured you have a friend here who will be more than happy to show you the best of the microbrew pubs, coffee, scenery and pot cafes. This town is amazing but a toke makes it SPECTACULAR! Plus the oysters are the best in the world. Also jazz. This is a jazz town. For me.


      • Well that’s a relief. I always thought Moriarty was a bit of a tool. I want to take a Great Train journey across the USA, Seattle to Chi, then down the City of New Orleans and back to the West Coast…love writing on trains. Lots to see and you can write and write.


      • I will when I get home from work tonight. oooohhhh…shouldn’t have had those last 4 beers! And the Jell-O shots…shouldn’t have had those either. Or gone to the Pub after the game.


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