The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: ThugNotes on Youtube

I subscribed to ThugNotes today on Youtube!

Shout Out to the Big Homey aka Dr Sweets. This is really entertaining creative and educational. I wish I thought of this myself, its that damn good!!! I jsut had to share it with you. Check out all the other video, you won’tbe sorry


7 thoughts on “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: ThugNotes on Youtube

  1. One of the best reviews of 1984 I’ve ever heard. And all the rest are just as spot on (and funny). Dang. There went the hour I should have spent cleaning up stuff. Hah! Thanks.


      1. Oh hell, I’m going to post pictures of the SnackStadium today. Been posting a romance novel lately. Posting daily keeps me focused. Almost finished a 100,000+ word novel. Done soon. But today? SnackStadium pics once I get outta this bar I’m sitting in with my friends. Had to get out of the house to have a breathe of fresh air-turned into a couple of beers. Game time 1 1/2 hours…go SEAHAWKS!!!


      2. Peyton won MVP this year. It was his best year and I think he showed Kraft and the rest of those nimrods in the Colts organization what a mistake they made. He didn’t need the Super Bowl too. Doesn’t he have a ring already?


      3. I think no matter what Peyton is an awesome quarterback one of the best to ever play the game. He has a ring and lead the broncos to the Superbowl, after neck surgery and all. I had no favorite and would have been happy no matter who won.


      4. Actually I wouldn’t have minded seeing Peyton get another ring for the Bronco’s. He really deserved it. The Hawks are a young team…back to back Super Bowls?


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