The difference between and egalitarian and a Feminist from mrMary’s Point of View

I got a wonderful question from the lovely sistasertraline and I thought I would answer here and now like that Luther Vandross song. The Question is

Why would you not consider yourself a feminist if you

believe in equality Mr M?

Denotation VS Connotation

EgalitarianAffirming, promoting, or characterized by belief in equal political, economic, social, and civil rights for all people.

Feminista person who advocates equal rights for women

From the dictionary definition alone I find that a feminist is concerned with females only. Historically that definition of female was very narrow, so narrow that it is still expanding to include more and more types of females.

Aside from that

But aside from that I should say that there are many types of feminists:

  1. Marxist Feminists
  2. Liberal Feminists
  3. Socialist Feminists
  4. Radical Feminists

I am not very well educated on this subject but these are the ones I hear about the most. But the term Feminism is a large umbrella turn that house many sub genres and each of them have  their own particular focus.  Maybe I can share with you some thoughts  and observations  I have had. Please keep in mind that I am not well versed in this and if anyone has anythign to share please do so, in a respectful manner.

  • I don’t see in American society at least a class of males or a class of women – which means males or females grouped together by a common interest or cause. That would be a great over simplification to think of all the women in the US belonging to a single class
  • I think inequality is at the basis of all societies democratic, socialist, communist, totalitarian. There are and will be always the have and the have-nots. The inequality that exists in society is created and maintained in time by a complex of factors of which gender is one.
  • Patriarchy isn’t the same everywhere. There isnt a universal form of patriarchy. it comes in many flavors, and being that (at least in America, we are a nation of immigrants I would imagine that patriarchy here comes in many types of flavors. Patriarchy isn’t as firmly entrenched now as it was maybe a millennia ago or even I would say after the fall of the holy roman empire in Europe when Napoleon organised the confederation of the Rhine. The Judeo-christian roots of the west have a lot to do with how patriarchy is  understood  and I don’t feel many links are maid to the ramification of this ideology and it subsequent proliferation in Western and Eastern Europe. (with the exception of course of Moorish Spain for about 700 years)
  • I don’t see capitalism being overthrown any time soon and the rise of the proletariat, which may make it difficult for me to understand the Marxist feminist and how they plan to meet their aims. I also wonder if economic dependence nowadays with more women having benefited from college education and more exposure to higher paying position is still the main reason for the subjugation of women

These are just my thoughts. I don’t like to affiliate myself to any social or political movement because there is always the question of can social movement evolve through time and always have the necessary leadership and general education  among their members so that in advancing their causes they are not exploiting other groups. I think the issue is that movements break apart over time and the existence of many subgenre dilutes the possible impact they could have.

Uhm in other words I support all rights but wouldnt call myself a feminist because feminist, so far from what I have seen while they do care about other groups of people, are primarily focused on advancing the cause of women in a nutshell. Even the term egalitarian cna be deconstructed  like feminism and I am sure has many holes in it as well. But I will always be more for an integrated platform of a larger quest for social, economic and political justice of all people. I guess I like to aim high for the stars ?





  1. Hmmm. I guess most proactive feminists’ focus will always be on the advancement of women until the playing field is level so to speak. As you say, it is more level in some countries/cultures than others and it is the crimes and atrocities carried out against women in certain cultures that are coming more and more to the fore in the press. Honour killings, stonings, facial and genital mutilation, rapes, murders etc. etc. which seems to have brought a new wave of feminists fighting their cause.

    If we just focus on the Western world, whilst the term feminism was created in the 1800’s and of course it rose from there but my main awareness came to light in the late 60’s early 70’s (I was just a kid!) when Germaine Greer brought out the Female Eunuch, and now that things have advanced quite a bit, there is no real formal definition as to what feminism really means now. Everyone has their own opinion.

    Maybe mines a bit simplistic, but if a man truly believes in sexual equality, lives his life in such a way that reflects this and respects his sisters accordingly, he could call himself a feminist?

    That said, some may disagree……


    • I always look forweard to your comments. They get me thinking !!!

      I don’t know if the field will ever be level self identity is a giant lake fed by many streams. Actually I dont believe the field will be level. A native american women will never be on a equal playing field as a White women of anglo saxon decent in the USA unless the future holds a lot of surprises in store. I have only lived here so I cannot say for elsewhere. Thinking about it, if I labelled myself a feminist, I feel it would mean so many things to so many people, some of which would not represent my sentiments on it. I prefere as you allude to have my actions speak for me moreso than the label I choose to affix to myself. If my actions show that I believe in sexual equality and respect for all women I certain wouldn’t mind if someone called me a feminist but i wouldnt affix that label to myself


  2. Sensible man! Tends to be if a person declares themselves to be anything, there’ll always be someone to around to piss on their BBQ…live it, prove it, no one can decry you.

    I think the other thing to stress is that feminism doesn’t mean anti men, as I think a lot of blokes assume that.

    There is and will always be inequality in many guises, that’s the way of the world, but we can always strive to even out the icing on the cake!


  3. This is absolutely wonderful, and is why I also tell people I’m egalitarian rather than Feminist. I’ve just (literally) started my blog, but will be touching on this point early on.

    Hope you don’t mind a new follower. 😉


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