MrMary Responds ||Cheerleader Is Suing Her Parents To Pay For Her College Tuition

High school senior Rachel Canning is suing her parents. She wants them to pay for her private-school tuition, college tuition, and living expenses.

She claims they threw her out of their home when she turned 18. According to her father, Sean Canning, Rachel was an “incredibly rebellious teen” who ran away from home because she didn’t want to abide by her parents’ rules. The rules include being respectful, keeping a curfew, doing chores, and potentially ending her relationship with a boyfriend who they feel is a bad influence. According to Rachel, they gave her the option of dumping him or getting out.

Her parents have also said that Rachel has had disciplinary problems, having been suspended twice at school and gotten in trouble for bullying her sister, according to the Daily Record. “We’re heartbroken, but what do you do when a child says, ‘I don’t want your rules but I want everything under the sun and you to pay for it?’” Sean said, adding that Rachel’s college fund is available and has not been withdrawn or re-allocated as she alleged in the lawsuit.

Lemme Get This Straight

download (5)This is why America will never be the imperial force for destruction it once was. So far we have a significant part of the Youth demographic which can be killed by a peanut butter and jelly sammich (Gluten and peanut butter allergies). Now this! My parents were always clear in reminding me where the door was, if I felt that I was man enough to run things on my own. There was no college fund for me, just a dislike of authority and people in general.

To make matters worse. Her father is a retired cop. Do you know how many Negros and Latinos he had to rough up and extra tickets he had to give out so that she could even have a college fund? You bully your sibling, get suspended twice, didn’t want to do chores or be respectful, and decided that you would rather leave home over a boyfriend you is going to dump you after midterms first semester of college after having tea bagged some chick that thought he was another guy who tea-bagged her at a party the week earlier.

What About the Future

Social services paid the family and visit and found no wrong doing, only that Rachel was spoiled. What ever happened to people beating their kids and giving them horribly crippling complexes that forced them into the armed forces. Without generation or two of emotionally crippled people serving our country how can we continue to bully the world to acquiesce to our whims ?

If you want to read more about the case you can go here.

What would you do if your daughter was a spoiled cunt ? How would you deal with it?

No Need to Satirize Much || Pastor Bans Women From Wearing Any Underwear in Church

rihctblxdihvdufd0wgmReverend Njohi said women who attend his services at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Nairobi are forbidden from wearing bras and underwear. Njohi said when going to church, people need to be “free in body and spirit” so they can receive Christ.

In what is turning out to be a major policy change geared both coming to terms with the changing times and repairing the image of Christians, pastors and minister will attempt to sodomize and sexually abuse women of age. In further support of this, is the fact that men do not have to free-ball in Church. No longer will you have to teach your children alternate ways of escaping the vestry with their dignity, and anuses intact. Instead you will have to teach you female child to put razor blades in her vagina like the Vietnamese prostitute did in Nam.

The pastor added there would be grave consequences if his female members did not adhere to the new rule, which was reportedly adhered to as most women are said to have attended the next service with no underwear.

MrMary Weighs In

It is clear that there is at the heart of this matter a big misunderstanding. The Sodomy scandals that rocked the Catholic Church are a perfect example. The priests there clearly didn’t understand what the line from Matthew 19:14 meant: “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me”. In this case the misunderstanding a little more subtle. Generally when a woman, in the heat of climax shouts: “Oh God Oh God” it’s not because she is feeling Jesus.

Don’t believe me ? – Just ask around or do some research as I have done  and (consensually, this is key) bed an atheist women. Her testimonies to God are more like a codified demand to be plunged deeper and deeper into some existential satori, where all forms of creation and demands dissolve away into no-thing-ness.

I am not a religious man and I don’t understand what an uncovered vagina has to do with Christ but, I can clearly see this pastor banning women from coming to church one Sunday a month because if I know anything about pastors it’s that they are cheap and won’t install the tampon dispensary in the lady’s room no matter how many times it comes up in church meeting after Bible study.

“Gott ist tot”