Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Men quiver on news that sexy Scarlett is single again


Break out the Brylcreem, boys, raving beauty Scarlett Johansson is single again. Word is she dumped Nate Naylor last week after a year-long relationship. Not a bad run for a celeb-non-celeb matchup. Sexy Scarlett’s at no loss for admirers both inside and outside of Hollywood, and if she’s feeling lonely, Twitter is chock full o’ offers under #ASmallChanceIsStillAChance like @SamieRudd’s “Dinner date in Melbourne Scarlett?” But simmer down boys, Scarlett may not have time for romantic suppers until after the presidential election since she’s pretty busy supporting her main man, Obama, what with last month’s dramatic DNC appearance and now a newly released Mitt-is-bad-for-women ad. [Source.]

MrMary Weighs In

As a man, I want to tell you most of us don’t give a shit if Ms Johansson is single. A lot uncouth guys are interesting in the usual one night lascivious meat plugging hole-filling conquest.  Don’t get me wrong Ms Johannson is good-looking but so what so am I ? and guess what because I am good-looking all my friends and the people they attract are good-looking as well, if you read and like this blog there is a 98.679% chance you are amazingly attractive. Like attracts like.

Seriously Though

Really how many people can relate to this chic. She has a great smile ( so did my grandmother, she had great dentures). The reality of the fact is that the Scarlet Johansson we see is unreal and let me tell you why.  Whenever we see her it’s in an unnatural environment of lights reporters, on yachts off the coast of Italy with bodyguards,  movie premieres. This isn’t real life. Even when she isn’t on the seen by virtue of her juxtaposition in these places creates obscures whomever she is.  What people are attracted to is what she represents to them they are attracted by their own mental projects grafted onto whatever image of her is au current at the moment.

She is an actress, and her movies seem quite popular. I liked her in the Avengers. She is passionate about politics and humanitarian work and she seems like an all around good person. But that’s my point it’s easy to pine after something you have no knowledge about, Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry is built on this principle. Each star or famous person is a mirror that returns to us a distorted image of ourselves and that is what we ultimate at the root of it desire: an encounter with ourselves outside the trappings of our quotidian existence.

 “There is no aphrodisiac like innocence” 
― Jean Baudrillard

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