I told f’ing you so: City Unveils new ways to keep tabs on NY’ers

First the News

taken from the Metro Here

Under a new data system unveiled yesterday by the NYPD and Microsoft, officers can instantly access footage from the thousands of cameras, license plate readers and radiation detectors located throughout the city.

At the same time, they can look up relevant 911 calls, arrest records, related crimes and other data with the new Domain Awareness System, according to the NYPD.

The Reality

We are a nation at war,  and that war has in many ways spilled over into the domestic front and in doing so been a bit distorted.  Twitter and Facebook and any company will hand over personal data, a few states have expressed interested in drone use to police criminals on rooftops.

from my previous Post:

Hodgepodge: Big Brother, Fat Brother, Golf Ball Sized drones, Happy Feet, CNN and German Girls

It’s a golf-ball shaped flying thing called a Snatch, and it can house camera that will follow u and actually ironically be all up in your business

Subtitle: U.S. government to use ‘drones the size of GOLF BALLS to spy on AMERICAN citizens

Quote: Police departments in Texas, Florida and Minnesota have already expressed interest in the technology’s potential to detect fugitives on rooftops or to track them at night by using the robotic aircraft’s heat-seeking cameras.

Of course what is interesting is that this new surveillance system was developed by our friends at Microsoft. Same company that brings u video games, Windows the computer system the majority of you are using right now.

The Argument you cant win

Everyone will ask you, don’t you wanna be safer on the streets, don’t you want to stop the terrorist before they take  more lives?.  The only correct answer is yes. If you say yes but  is this the way to go about it most people will call u an anti-american douche.

But here is the problem, I am all for beign safer but  the reality is that  corporations want more control over you, of your money, over your thoughts and how you spend it, I mean look at the commericials political or not. Everyone wants you to buy into the ideology they are selling,a nd of course even good being sold are a reference  back to the ideology at the basis of their creation I mean you have seen Andy Worhols campbell soup thing ? It carries with it a refence back to mass production  which is itself well to me a post modern thing that removed the person involvement of a craftsman and a disenfranchisement of people from what they are consuming and producing but that’s just me.

Pete Cashmore’s Piece in CNN

Mr Cashmore said and i quote:

Why 2012, despite privacy fears, isn’t like Orwell’s 1984″

The online world is indeed allowing our every move to be tracked, while at the same time providing a counterweight to the emergence of Big Brother.

The difference between this reality and Orwell’s vision — outlined in his chilling 1949 novel — is the issue of control: While his Thought Police tracked you without permission, some consumers are now comfortable with sharing their every move online.

One of the legacies of modern psychology was that in the 40’s i believe many industries paid psychologist to come up with campaigns to helped them get customers and have those customers loyal to their products , vision for the future and other horse shit. Many people over time if u look at it you cna see, have been tricked into thinking its ok to give into to a lot of stuff that can hurt them in the end why because:

 Life has been reduced to such banality that it is easy to get people to do shit that’s fucked up for them in the long run, but giving them a temporary sense of gratification and ego aggrandizement based of fleeting material purchases and the semblence of meaning that comes with it

– Mr Mutha Fucking Mary,

The Greatest Patriot of this Generation
The first Post Post-modern, Post-modernist

What does our Esteemed Mayor says, the one who wants to ban drink over 16oz for everyone to help  better people’s health:

Bloomberg responds to privacy concerns

“The NYPD’s camera system has enormous potential for abuse and therefore should have strict privacy protections,”?NYCLU associate legal director Christopher Dunn said. Bloomberg asserted yesterday that the prevalence of smartphones makes it hard to do anything without being filmed.

Notice he didnt say:

  1. Yeah thats true but we have something in place for that
  2. There are gonna be townhall meetings to address that
  3. We care about your privacy, and safety so we have spent time deliberating on the best way to approach this issue.

He said:

Its hard not to be photographed because everyone here has a smart fones.


Bloomberg is an interesting fellow. He created a 3rd term as Mayor and he is the 11th richest person in the US and is worth  of $22 billion in 2012.

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