Hodgepodge: Big Brother, Fat Brother, Golf Ball Sized drones, Happy Feet, CNN and German Girls

The best way to combat government surveillance is to devalue personal freedom and acts of protest which in turn  provides the perfect environment, for irresponsible amounts of masturbation.  I just solved a lot of problems for you all well at least in America. Why do I mention this ?

Well on Jan 23, 2012 Pete Cashmore in a piece for CNN entitled “Why 2012, despite privacy fears, isn’t like Orwell’s 1984” said that:

Big brother is definitely watching too bad it’s not his weight of his ponderous absurdity

The online world is indeed allowing our every move to be tracked, while at the same time providing a counterweight to the emergence of Big Brother.

This statement confirms that Big Brother is growing,  right now I imagine he is semi-chubb. He says that  many of the online site where one can track how many steps one has taken, how deep one can sit when one doesn’t use a bike seat and jsut rides the poll, etc… that ” Self-improvement becomes easier when you’re able to track your own activities. Increasingly, consumers are tracking their every move and posting this data online.” Unlike in Orwell’s dystopian world, however, people today are making a conscious choice to do so.

While people are making a conscious effort to do so, the government can get access to this data if it wants.  The government does what it wants without any accountability. I mean why would they let someone make Happy Feet 2.  He further hammers the point like I did on that video of me the government has on a diplomatic mission with a sexy Fraulein from Leipzig.

The difference between this reality and Orwell’s vision — outlined in his chilling 1949 novel — is the issue of control: While his Thought Police tracked you without permission, some consumers are now comfortable with sharing their every move online.

Well we are in a constant war against terror and can disrespect the sovereignty of nation to kill people who the American public is totally due to a serious lack of education and care  unaware of and uneducated about. While legally one has the right to protest if one chooses too one has the right to ignore the reality of the police batons and the subsequent free facial reconstructive surgery.

The Question I would like answered is why are people so open about sharing their private details. It is one thing to discuss the behaviors we see exhibited. Its another thing to talking about the context, the environment that helped to precipitate those behaviors. My parents generation would never  do such a  thing. They have a different set of values and depiction of how one’s private details should be managed (it seems only in therapy).

Conclusions and an Unveiling

In conclusion the author of the aforementioned article says:

The world of 2012 is both reminiscent of Orwell’s vision and radically at odds with it. Connected lifestyles are creating a world in which sharing your activities may become the norm, albeit through choice and not coercion. And yet this connected society is also empowering people in new ways, providing a counterweight to big business and big government.

While Orwell correctly predicted that technological advances would let authorities track our lives, he failed to predict the inverse: That we would use these new technologies to keep an eye on them, too

So now I give you this :

U.S. government to use ‘drones the size of GOLF BALLS
to spy on AMERICAN citizens

The Golden Snitch from Harry Potter will be all up in ya shit

The Obama administration has been widely criticized for its increased reliance on drone strikes to kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but according to published reports, a plan is now in the works to harness tiny drones to spy on U.S. citizens.

A 30-page memorandum issued by President Barack Obama’s Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley on April 23 has stated that the drones, some as small as golf balls, may be used domestically to ‘collect information about U.S. persons.’

Andrew Napolitano, former New Jersey judge and senior judicial analyst at Fox News, wrote in his Washington Times opinion column this week that if the military personnel spot something of interest from a drone, they may apply to a military judge or ‘military commander’ for permission to conduct a physical search of the private property.

The memo cited by Napolitano goes on to say that any ‘incidentally acquired information’ can be retained or turned over to local law enforcement, which raises the question of the constitutionality of launching a drone program stateside, and whether it violates people’s right to privacy.

Police departments in Texas, Florida and Minnesota have already expressed interest in the technology’s potential to detect fugitives on rooftops or to track them at night by using the robotic aircraft’s heat-seeking cameras.

Let’s Use Social Media to Stop this

Any ideas?

I can see NYC using these golf ball sized drones to police the poorer neighborhood so the police can only come in after the building to pick up the bodies. This cna be used as well to enforce the  ban on sugary drinks and a host of other peaceful stuff. No not like 1984 at all

Sorry the idea of privacy has been coming up a lot, guess its sort of a big thing to me since I have been having a lot of girls over in my imagination.



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