Illogical Thoughts/things that make perfect sense # 5 Boycotting the Olympics in 1980

People criticized me for saying that I would rather have a gorilla or that really really big girl in the 3rd grade that grew up to with serious endocrinology problems and became a trucker to give me a hand-job than watch the Olympics. Yes its a nasty image, I mean she was like 6 foot in the first grade with a mustache and chest hair. But  for me the Olympics of course mirror back to me the real status of the world.  Once can easily see how the many shades of political socio-cultural subterfuge play to help give these games a sense of meaning and purpose that they don’t have.

Man is on a constant search for meaning, sometimes he finds it in his relationships, in his hobbies, in his work. Other time when life has become so shallow and empty man creates a fictitious reality that he inhabits when the foreman of the world arent cracking their whips.

Then it Hit me

Boycotting the Olympics is the most American thing to do.

The 1980 Summer Olympics boycott of the Moscow Olympics was a part of a package of actions initiated by the United States to protest the Soviet war in Afghanistan. It preceded the 1984 Summer Olympics boycott carried out by the Soviet Union and other Communist-friendly countries. 

The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan spurred Jimmy Carter to issue an ultimatum on January 20, 1980 that the United States would boycott the Moscow Olympics if Soviet troops did not withdraw from Afghanistan within one month. The pros and cons of the boycott were further discussed in several interventions at the 1980 Bilderberg meeting held towards the end of April in Aachen. The debate partly surrounded the perception that the action could be perceived on the worldwide stage as a sentimental rather than a strategic act. 

The succeeding 1984 Summer Olympics, held in Los Angeles, United States saw another boycott, this time led by the Soviet Union. On May 8, 1984, the Soviet Union issued a statement that the country would boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles due to “chauvinistic sentiments and an anti-Soviet hysteria being whipped up in the United States.”[11] Thirteen Soviet allies joined the boycott, giving a total of fourteen nations that boycotted the Olympics. Iran was the only country that boycotted both Moscow and Los Angeles.

Not only that but

Negros boycotting stuff goes way back to those boat rides across the Atlantic couple centuries ago:

Now what did we Learn

Boycotting when it suits our own individualistic needs is the most  American thing there is.  Hypocrisy is the basis of our foreign policy we armed many guerilla factions in Afghanistan, then when the Russian pulled out we left too everyone armed with  totally destroyed dreams and  a lot of other crap, and of course that played a role in the terrorist action that came from there. [There is a great books that talks of this although in a tangential fashion: THE SPY OF THE HEART. Fons Vitae. 2007. ISBN 978-1-929148-62-2 . You can read about somr dude who worked in Afghanistan for the UN  and the USA  spiritual search and his search for humanity in a war torn nation but no one care about that.]

We don’t care much abou the OLympics, we care much more about making a statement. Sometimes we use the olympics to make a statement subversively. I dont care much about the Olympics nowadays and as a result I am making a powerful but silent statement that points to the corruption of the ideals the Olympics were founded on as can be seen by our blinkered coverage of them and the lack of courage on certain issues.

You forgot one thing

This in case you were doubtful proves once again that I am the Greatest Patriot of my generation.

MrMary 3:16 say:

I just slipped it in, even though you said just the tip, and you still liked it


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