Thinking Politically || The political Illiterate and political participation today


I have thought about this quote often lately as studies have revealed what I thought was common sense: that America leans more towards an oligarchy than democracy.  I thought this was obvious because that’s the way we started. Our Founding Fathers were not representative of the average person due to their wealth or influence.

But I am wondering though what constitutes taking part in political life? I don’t think voting is the de facto method of political participation. I really don’t feel voting is as meaningful as we want it to be with all the influence of money from the corporations and wealthy.

What do you think. I am curious to know ?



  1. I agree with your opinion, my friend. This country has never been a democracy. The institution of the Electoral College shows us that the founders never trusted the popular franchise. senators weren’t selected by elections until into the last century. The long disenfranchisement based on gender and race supports this belief.

    Political activism isn’t just voting. It involves becoming a participant in the decision making process at the basic level upwards. This includes communicating positions to both candidates and officials as well as organizing advocacy opportunities to educate both others as well as those holding or seeking to hold office.

    Great job, buddy! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


    • YES!!! I love this comment. Well said

      I don’t believe that voting is effective at all in our current political climate. I do like advocacy groups a lot especially those that educate others. That to me is much more impactful than pretending that we are something we are not and then voting to keep alive a simulacrum of reality.


  2. Voting is a huge part of it, but education and critical thinking are also important. People need to pay their taxes–and learn where their money goes. People need to know the names of the representatives, and contact them about issues that matter. Everyone should pay attention to what their city government is doing. We need to stop avoiding jury duty. Political engagement means being an active participant in just about everything around you.


    • Hey Purpsz

      I’ve been think about your comment.
      I think the issues I have is that more people than most pay their taxes, however no one knows where it goes. I’d love for there to be transparency and for the nation to decide at least where part of the tax revenue should go.

      I think even if people knew the names of their representatives it wouldnt change that their representatives don’t represent them. They don’t even speak for them.

      I feel you though on paying attention to city governments and their actions. that’s superbly important. I cynically don’t believe there is any justice here. The courts do not deal justice to me. Going t jury duty seems like throwing money into the ocean thinking you’ll get a return on your investment. But I am biased tho


      • In America, you get the justice you can afford. Of whatever the media deals out to you. There’s also too much institutionalized racism, sexism, and whatever-ism for many people to really get the equal treatment they deserve.

        I need to practice what I preach about city government more often. I’ve got a basic knowledge of my city, but not enough about the people who run it.


  3. I guess voting is a big part, but that is only once every few years. Did you know we have compulsory voting here in Australia, you get a fine if you don’t vote, do you think that is a good idea?
    I try and pay a bit of attention and I have even written the odd letter, but I guess I don’t really participate much,
    I like what PurpleMary54 said about education and critical thinking. I don’t think we are taught enough about the politcal process and I don’t think we are really taught to question.
    I couldn’t really explain to you how our parliment works and I think many people feel the same. We are sort of encouraged to just show up and vote every now and then and just leave it at that. Don’t ask too many questions.


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