Ladies It’s Your Turn, Do Real Women love Rolls ?

A few days ago I have posted something about real women having curves called: Real Unicorns Have Curves ! and I got a lot of cool commentary. I thought to post something in the vein to see what you all thought. So here it goes !!!



Or is it Rolls





  1. I think your analogy may be flawed for me because you used a picture of Zach Galifinakis (or however it’s spelled). πŸ™‚

    Seriously, I don’t really think about that stuff too often. I enjoy a little eye candy, but a good conversation and decent taste in music trumps a lot of other things.


  2. One thing that annoys me a bit about the manosphere is that the typical commentary is that “women only like studs”, “girls only have sex with Chippendale models”, “if you aren’t a 6’3″ tall man with oiled muscles and a firm 6-pack, women won’t look at you”.

    I think this is true…if they’re talking about shallow, immature girl-women who liked their Ken dolls a bit *too* much, if you get my drift. Personally, I think guys with some extra poundage are sexier and would probably make better mates overall.

    1. If a guy likes to take his time enjoying a good meal to the last lick of the spoon, he’s probably going to enjoy taking other activities slow too.

    2. You can bribe him into using his mouth for other things. Butterscotch syrup isn’t just for mounds of ice cream, you know.

    3. What girlseule said: a little extra cushion for the pushin never hurt anyone.

    4. They’re probably not going to expect you to look like a Venus, because they’re not an Adonis. Instead of insisting their woman workout 6 days a week and survive on air and salads to fit into a size 2 (if she’s not naturally this small), guys who are a bit tubby round the middle will be happy to sex up a curvier lady.

    Of course, I’m going to repeat here what I said there: That being tremendously overweight isn’t healthy for anyone, and people of both sexes need to at least attempt to keep fit. But if a woman has a little belly to accompany her t&a, or a guy is bringing a keg to the party instead of a 6-pack…I’m cool with that.

    Full disclosure: I’m a 5’7″ size 7 (though I could be a 6 if I worked out more), and my FwB is 6″2′ and about 40 lbs overweight. As far as I can tell, we are pretty happy during sexytimes and I think he looks great. πŸ˜€


    • Ahh I get it now. I feel that guys who are immature tend to say stuff like that. No one likes a defeatist attitude. It is off- putting. I hear guys complaining about being short being too tall, being not well endowed, being ginger, and the list goes on. Back when I was doing market research (dating), what I found was that people respond well to some who is comfortable with themselves, and accepts themselves imperfections and all. That speaks volumes. I truly feel that there is some one for everyone with the exception of Andy Dick. A little belly, extra weight, etc – it’s all good.

      as for your rules:
      1. How you eat in many ways tells about you are with your passions
      2. Becareful with the butterscotch especially if there is a history of diabetes and High Blood Pressure
      3. More cushion for the pushin, isn’t just a phrase it’s a lifestyle
      4. Expectations have ruined so many things, like the show Alphas. I think if you are willing you let expectations get in the way of meeting and getting to know nice people you’re a schmuck.

      FULL DISCLOSURE: Well as full as one can do without snap chat. I’m 5’9 My weight oscillates from 200 -230 depending on what type of worship (and how often) I’m at the Iron Temple (the gym). I never got into the 6 pack, plastic smile, and empty head thing. I dated/liked/been attracted to all sorts of broads. Diversity is awesome. The times I am having sexy-times I’m usually happy, especially when there is someone else there too!

      Thanks for your comment TarnsZilla


  3. Wow, I just realized that 3/4 of my reasons for liking bigger guys had to do with fornication. Sorry for sullying your blog with my wanton words, MrMary. πŸ˜‰


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