Loss of Job and New Beginnings

Everyone in my house is sound asleep and I would like to think they are all dreaming happily having laid to rest temporarily, the cares and struggles of the day. At this very moment though, all of us are caught up in one of histories grand movements, only we are too entrenched in it to see what is going on. Thirteen years, eleven months and some days ago one turbulent century came to an end and a new one started fraught with concerns hopes, and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

There are moments where personal history and History are clearly seen to be linked. At this moment in USA history we are starting to reap the economic fallout of two wars and a decades long increases in income inequality and pandering to the corporations. What this means for me is that funding for the research project that I work for has been cut and by May 2014 I will no longer have a job as I was told this Friday past.

I am not so worried, I have always managed to land on my feet. But it does make me wonder about which direction will I go from here in terms of life and my career, and the projects I have always wanted to do.

This should be interesting, and I’m looking forward to getting back out there.


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