Debunking a Popular Myth: The Trophy Wife

and old classic that no one likes but me


You’ze Fuggin Guys

Wassup! We are gonna get right into it.

My sister came to me and asked: MrMary’s Real name, How come there is no such thing as a trophy husband. This question made  me laugh and exposed a fallacy in thinking that I want to debunk right now.

What is a trophy wife?

Regular  definition:

A young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man.

Scientologist Definition

A women who will divert thoughts that u secret pine to sit on and be eviscerated by dick

Example of a Trophy Wife

Melania Knauss married to Donald Trump

The Double Standard

If you look at all the TV and movies, you just came come to believe that women are our better halves. They are calmer and gentler and smell much better. There is a redeeming quality to women in stories and mythology. A man’s life isn’t…

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One comment

  1. I hate the term trophy wive. It implies that your wife is your possession, a product, like a gold necklace, for you to show off with.

    My wife is definitely an achievement. I have no idea how I managed to attract such a beautiful woman, so I’m proud to walk the streets with her besides me, but I’d never parade her around like a possession. Never.

    Also, I think trophy husbands don’t really exist because it is the general idea that men get more attractive as they grow older and women get uglier. Harsh, but that’s how society is programmed. There are plenty of young girls liking older men, but barely young men liking older women.


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