Debunking a Popular Myth: The Trophy Wife

You’ze Fuggin Guys

Wassup! We are gonna get right into it.

My sister came to me and asked: MrMary’s Real name, How come there is no such thing as a trophy husband. This question made  me laugh and exposed a fallacy in thinking that I want to debunk right now.

What is a trophy wife?

Regular  definition:

A young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man.

Scientologist Definition

A women who will divert thoughts that u secret pine to sit on and be eviscerated by dick

Example of a Trophy Wife

Melania Knauss married to Donald Trump

Hot Model from Slovenia
the comb-over

The Double Standard

If you look at all the TV and movies, you just came come to believe that women are our better halves. They are calmer and gentler and smell much better. There is a redeeming quality to women in stories and mythology. A man’s life isn’t complete I was told till he finds a woman to marry.

There is much talk about treating women fairly an not taking them for granted, treating them with respect. They are the pillars of our society as women. It has even been said that one can judge the greatness of a society by how it treats women. I mean think about it an ugly man with money lands a young hot thing and just like that he is a winner.

but does the opposite work? Does a old women with money who snags a young guy does her stock automatically increase. yes but not that much. Actually and older women who goes after young guys is call a cougar implicitly the young man then is her prey. I’ve never heard the word trophy husband in my life, in all 31 years of living.

The Ugly Truth

Observation 1:

Most of the women I know are excessively cheap and aren’t’ going to pay for some young thing to stay around. Young dudes unless they are rich or super stars don’t have much money.

Observation 2:

Dick, as has been said, is free it’s easy to get even in a recession. The economics doesn’t make much sense to pay for something continually that is free. Simple supply and demand. The demand for young dick outside of prison isn’t that much while the supply is quite substantial.

Observation 3:

If society decides that a women is ugly and past her prime, having a young good looking guy has no redemptive value, maybe with Pearl and Dolores when she plays bingo after mass on Sunday, but the sad truth is that they hate her and they always have.

Observation 4:

Many women suffer from osteoporosis, a gradual weakening of bone due to in most cases, a lack of calcium in their diet during younger years when there were too busy being bitches to other girls, men and themselves.  Consistent pounding must in many ways aggravate that, this one of the reasons many of these cougar + young male prey  relationships don’t work.

Observation 5:

This trophy wife or getting a famous  man thing to fawn over you seems to mostly happen only to those with fame or money, or who have done a sex tape, or who were on the Girls gone wild tape in college (I know it start out with some tequila shots and then a dare and before you know it, your downing cock like the dude on his knees in a Scientologist wet-dream). The girl next door to me  whose abortions scars look like the Piri Reis map isn’t gonna shack up with a man who wants to be seen in public with her.  She gets the average “I’ll shoot two down your throat and go”  Joe.

Observation 6:

As you all know I am all for women’s rights and equality. However if we say the sexes are equal then we have to resign the special redemptive qualities of women as mere fiction or we have to admit that men are equal gracefully and their uncouth ball grabbing pheromone secreting ways are just as life changing and amazing as women’s feminine mystique, elegance and gentle touch.

After getting yelled at enough by feminist for opening doors, rushing to help with bags and seeing Bridemaids, I know that all that fairer shit is fantasy. We are all disgusting pigs irregardless of age, gender, race, creed, in or out belly button, because we are human beings.


Trophy wives is a termed reserved for the rich and famous who enjoy a lifestyle and a cost of living I and most of the billions of people in the world cannot afford. Even amongst the rich and powerful its a joke term. it is more of a publicity stunt for appeasement or better self image. Words like ‘Mistress’, ‘lady’,’ side ho’, ‘call girl’ are more common use.

If you think about the poverty, ecological devastation, and historic exploitation of the world, the reality is that for most people in the world they are luckily to find someone with teeth to tolerate them for a good 5 -10 years. Trophy husbands are thing of myth as are trophy wives. Human being cannot redeem each other,we can redeem ourselves by our choices and subsequent actions. The best someone can do is remind us of our choice which isn’t that big a deal I mean  the free clinic does that after each std test that goes positive.  we like to delude ourselves with terms, which is cool. It’s only problematic when we use fictitious-ness to create sensation and further dig us deeper into the simulacrum of reality we call living

“Hephaestus and Aphrodite”

The first trophy wife was Aphrodite when she was given to Hephaistos in marriage.  Turns out she was cheating on his with the God of War and since that myth was told everyone believed that shit was real

I think I’m done rambling


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