MrMary On Blogging: So this is why my blog isn’t popular…

Someone I know is an editor for  printed and online content and we sat down to talk about blogging.  They were surprised to know I have a blog because I don’t share with friends and family. I got a good critique. AspoonfulOfSuga isn’t a popular blog because of the following reasons:

  1. I don’t promote it. If you come you come, if you stay you stay. If you want to talk with me I would be more than happy to chat with you. There is no compulsion on my part to make you want to stay. I am happy when you do and I am super happy for everyone who returns to chat or like or comment. That’s means to me that there is something worthwhile here that you return for
  2. My writing is dense at times and long, nobody wants to read anything longer than 500 words. People want to be entertained and  the topics I like writing about aren’t entertaining
  3. Sometimes I like to joke around too much. The picture of me on the toilet is not going to be popular with certain key demographics, the dirty jokes don’t help. Some people think I am a pervert.
  4. I don’t subscribe to a happy cheerful view of the world I don’t think things will get better and we will fucking hold hands and jerk each other off into a kind of vapid satiety that we can easily and purposefully take as a utopia.
  5. I poke fun at things people like  a lot and use to escape their spiritual (non-religious here) depravity of their existence

I could go on but you can see where I am going with things.  The reason why I bring this up is because I am wondering for how much longer should I continue blogging.  I will break 1000 posts soon in less than 2 years so its a valid concern I think and I also think a job I applied for found their way to my blog which I thought couldnt happen because I had covered up my tracks sufficiently.

fuckSometimes I feel that my blogging gets in the way of my  writing and I want to publish something in 2013. Between the two jobs it gets really difficult to write write, it’s rather easy to blog-write. Before and during the first part of the depressive episode out of which this blog was born I was working on a cool manuscript. I did interviews  and wrote some substantial stuff that I feel people interested in the genre would really like and benefit from. Judging from the lack of a plan or goals for this blog other than just to write I think I’ve done pretty well and if I had to bow out I’d be pretty ok with stuff but still wonder about my longevity here on wordpress


My Question for you is:

What keep you blogging? What keep the fire for it going ?

Why do you feel people keep coming back to your blog


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  1. 1. If blogging is just fun for you, I don’t see why this is a problem.
    2. I personally love to read…I’m basically a bibliophile, and that translates over to online writings also. While not “entertaining”, I still like the topics you bring up because they are ones I’ve wondered about myself.
    3. You aren’t?! Lol, just kidding. Yes, I can see how a certain demographic might find your pics/jokes offensive…but then, they aren’t who you are aiming for.
    4. People think that way for reals?
    5. That’s still okay. I’m less offended by atheists who see that I’m a good person as opposed to Christians who see I’m a good person…but still think I’m going straight to “hell” when I die.

    Short version: I like your blog and your insightful comments on mine. It takes more than what’s here to spark any sort of moral outrage in me. Keep doing it, but on a more restrictive schedule is my 2 cents.


  2. Great Post! Yours an my blog have many similarities… I tend to be wordy, I’m not concerned about length as much as quality of content to that end my posts can run into 2000+ word count though not all do. I blog because there are things I want to say and share my opinions with others to both see if they see what I do or to offer them a new insights on issues. I don’t usually post strictly humorist posts but instead use humor in my writing as a way to help keep people interested and reading what I write. However, that could change a whim… I don’t promote my blog either, though like you I’m happy that people stop by and ever happier that some actually keep returning… I’m most impressed with how far what I write reaches and the opportunity for me to meet and exchange ideas with others from around the world. I always call things like I see them. For me P.C. means “Personal Computer”, “Politically Correct” is for sheeple. I believe that if my blog ever took off, I’d still be doing what I’m doing now though, I think I’d spend even more time saying it…. Great Post!


  3. Dave, I believe we had this conversation in the recent past about writing just for the love of it and we couldn’t give any shit thinking about popularity, or being compensated or getting freshly pressed. You are right, though, in saying promotion counts a lot in how well our blog gets around, which by the way we both don’t have the energy and time for. Well, you scare me with the possibility that you may not stick around longer. I hope that doesn’t happen. I keep coming back here simply because this blog is worth reading. Everything you’ve been doing here: the toilet photo, the long posts, the joking, the poking, the serious musings – I (we) like them all. And no, you are never a pervert. I know. Because you’ve been my friend and you still are.
    We may be both inundated with the intricacies of our jobs and our mundane lives these days but I’ll always try to be here for you as your online friend – for as long as you allow me to.
    And yes, you’ve done pretty pretty well, MrMary. Keep writing whatever it is that pleases you. We’ll keep on reading.


  4. I blog, cause of my fuck the world opinion.

    I have something to say, which I think inspires people, or at the very least makes people think. I have quit blogging many times and started again, every time the voice hidden in me became more persistent to blast out.

    I am going to keep blogging, because miraculous things happen to me since I made my voice heard: my poetry has been presented at a funeral, someone decided against suicide after reading my poetry, I have found incredible friends in people from my past whom I thought had left me behind.

    I became a bigger person thanks to blogging. And I will keep blogging and keep getting bigger, until I blow up 😛

    Yes, you’ve articles are (very) long at times. But I don’t visit your blog for that. I like you. You’re a good person, and I believe in paying respect to respectable people.


  5. I am similar to you Mr MMFP, as I am also an ‘acquired taste’, have a potty mouth and some subjects I cover or opinions I espouse repel some, but I also am authentic and blog from the heart and I think that is important, for both me and the reader. I know how I could get my numbers up like some do (follow or like EVERYONE and hope they feel obliged to return the complement, court the readers and generally try and be more mass market) but that not me I don’t want to be the blogging version of ‘white sliced’. I want to be seeded rye, pumpernickel, sourdough and focaccia because that is me, here and in real life. And you I suspect.
    Keep on keepin’ on x


  6. I know how you feel. I passed 1000 posts well before I reached one year, because I did an average of 2 posts per day. I posted all over the map with virtually every possible kind of post – photos, videos, memes, silly stories and poems, serious stories and poems, romantic stuff, fake advice, music, daily life things, and so forth.

    Three things: I had energy to post that much, I had creativity to post that much, and I didn’t pay that much attention to stats, except to sort of make sure they were always rising. Views are not rising anymore. I’ve lost energy, lost creativity to other writing (and Twitter), and had more real life to worry about. Blogging became less a creative outlet with benefits, and more of a chore. I stopped blogging as much.

    I think it’s a natural arc. People either become wildly popular like The Idiot Speaketh, who got 5000+ views per day, or arced back down like a bell curve, or became monetized which is instant unfollow for me. The only other possibility is to slowly keep growing forever. I was hoping just to do that last one, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now unless I get a burst of creativity.

    I just want to add that once you follow a certain number of people, or are followed by a certain number of people, it’s hard to keep up with them all, so you end up not really reading many people. When this happens in your blogosphere, it happens with pretty much everyone, so you’ve got 200 core people who all follow each other, but everyone can only read about a dozen or so. You can’t comment as much.

    Finally, WordPress Notifications has reduced views considerably. Now you can comment and like a post without actually visiting it. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count as a view. Freshly Pressed used to be the WP front page, but now I can’t really remember the last time I really looked at it. Well, probably last November when I was FP’d. If you compare stats to last year, I don’t think you’re comparing apples to apples.


    • Edward,

      Thanks for your comment. It helped put things into perspective. You are pretty prolific on Twitter. I have noticed too that its hard to keep with everyone and their posts. Im gonna go back to the drawing board with some stuff like oganization and not burning myself out so much that it feels like a chore and take it from there I really enjoy this post man I appreciate it



      • You’re welcome. I’ve dealt with this ever since October 2011 when I put out my Choose Your Own Blog Adventure – I did 127 posts that month. That’s over 4 per day.


  7. Dave —

    When I started blogging, I used it as more of an electronic journal — my earlier posts are much different than what I write now. You were one of my first supporters (I hate “followers” — makes me feel like a cult leader), so you must have found some value in what I had to say.

    When I began to realize that I was able to be part of something greater — the online blogging community — and something infinitely more meaningful, I found that I truly enjoyed entertaining people (the frustrated thespian inside me, I suppose). Ultimately, though, I still write for me. You ALWAYS write about what’s important to you. I find it refreshing and NEVER boring.

    In terms of word counts, I don’t pay them much mind. I know some folks do. To them, I say, “Whatever!” I think if you really are limiting yourself to reading posts with word counts fewer than 500 words, you are likely missing out on some great posts. There’s a guy I read regularly who has published several 3,000+ word posts —- I, and many others, aren’t put off by this —- if it’s good, people will read it. (His blog is 23thorns and it is amazing, btw).

    That being said, being pithier, is probably not a bad goal to keep in mind. Editing is difficult, though. Self-editing, harder still. (I don’t even want to know the word count on this response, LOL!)

    Avoiding the controversial is not your style. Write what you believe — what matters to you. That’s what makes “you” you.

    If larger readership is what you’re after then you do have to promote your blog. In doing so, you can forget anonymity. It’s nearly impossible to maintain the latter while applying the former 🙂

    If an employer “found” you and that kept you from being hired or if you feel like blogging is standing in the way of other life goals, perhaps you may want to step away for a time or post less frequently —- a very personal decision and only one you can make. (I hope you stick with it, but I’m kind of self-centered and selfish!)


    • You are a cult leader of awesomeness I dont mind following you 🙂 You are prettier than me too so it’s a done deal. You raised many cool points, ill reply to them in no particular order

      I am fiercely idealistic and to be denied anything for expressing myself seems ridiculous, and a sacrilege to the human spirit. Personally fuck that

      I am very unorganized when it comes to blogging I just have something in my head itching to be said once I get close to a computer it all comes out. I think I need to revisit my process at the current moment since Im back to just one job now it is a lot easier to restructure things. I definitely think things could be tighter and pithier

      It was really odd to get an outside critique on the blog. It did open my eyes up to a lot of new ideas and new things I could do to make things better for those of you that read me. Initially when I was starting out I used to care about numbers. Then I just said fuck it and see where the chips fall. It made blogging more fun.

      The thing I love the most about blogging is seeing the name of someone I know pop up whether its with a comment or like. Or just seeing a post they put out. It has an intimate kinda feel to it.

      Im definitely gonna keep on keeping on and then also tid thing up a bit. I had more to say but I forgot it. lol

      Hope you’ve been staying dry !


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