International Clitoris Week on The ASpoonfulOfSuga Blog: Day 4:

International Clitoris Week on The ASpoonfulOfSuga

Blog: Day 4



enlightenment1One of the spiritual benefits of female masturbation is that it helps you along the path of self-enlightenment. It’s a small step but knowing you can love and nurture yourself emotionally and sexually is essential to self-awareness. If you thought that it was purely a sexual act, I hope you can now see there are some great health benefits to female masturbation. Do you think female masturbation is largely ignored or a taboo topic?

Most people go to such extreme to find enlightenment trips around the world, folding themselves up into pretzels etc But ladies did you know that enlightenment was just one DJ session away? I’m being facetious I cannot say I know what self-enlightenment is. Sure I can tell you the concept share with you what other’s have said about it but I would imagine that all the words point to something purely experiential and  ineffable.

I am of the opinion that words are only pointers, in and of themselves they have little to know meaning, but what they allude to, what they paint is where their value lies. I feel that to experience what lies just beyond the words requires us to be whole individuals, and one of the things that I see impeding “us” from an experience of our wholesomeness, is that our view of the body. I have come to see that we are very much in our minds all the times, and as a result we are not grounded and its shame really.

Many people one’s first reaction upon seeing sexual activity paired with mystical experience would be to scoff, but you be surprised. The pairing between the erotic and the spiritual seems to be found in many contexts throughout the world’s many religion and spiritual tradition’s which is amazingly significant and by significant I don’t mean in the Deeprak Chopra I am going to sell books telling you shit you already know. There is the downright almost pornographic Song of Songs in the Bible, there are the sufi mystics of Islam who use the imagery of love affairs to point the spiritual wayfarer  to the Beyond  beyond our conceptualizing of the beyond. There are the sexually charged poems of St Teresa of Avila, and Mirabai from the Bhakti tradition.

Even when reading through all the articles and stuff to write this post for this week, I felt that sex in a way has been reduced to something mechanical: can’t sleep, want to feel better? want better pelvic floor muscles  then have a lot of sex or alone time with yourself. I think as a scientist a lot of time studying something demystifies it and reduces it to something small and almost petty. After you break something down into it constituent part you can never reform it back whole which comes with certain problems bu thats another story.

While I don’t have a  clitoris it is my hope that this awareness or appreciation week isn’t just another gimmick or fad, but a period of time that points to something much deeper than our collective sexual immaturity. It makes no sense to me to come out of a celebration as unrepentant and unenlightened as we were before it started




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