Adele had a baby boy ‎(‘-‘ ) (._. ) (._. ) ( ‘-‘ ) (._.) ( ‘-‘) MrMary looks for some fucks to give

Everyday 490,000 mother’s give birth, why is Adele’s baby important? Why is her vagina-spawn breaking news?

! Do you know what’s there, waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours!

Adele can sing but so what…. so can the neighborhood cats when there fucking in the alleyway with the reckless abandon of a cocaine addict sucking dick for their next fix or like a 19 year old couple that managed to filch extra lube from a 24/hour Rite-Aid/CVS/Savon/Duane Reade/Jean Coutu on Rue Jean Talon in Montreal.  Don’t get me wrong, she has a great voice and when chicks are over I play that stuff to set them at ease, to let them know I will be gentle first before I dig them out like my pockets when I get home after work. But does that change the fact that her baby will be another spoiled non-contributing ass-clown. [Yes I called it!!!]

Why do we Celebrate celebrities ?

I have my own theories why we love celebrities so much that we support an industry devoted to filling our minds with useless information about them with our hard-earned money. I believe to quote my homey Jean Baudrillard:

“We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.” 
― Jean BaudrillardSimulacra and Simulation

We are living in a  time were life itself is devoid of the experience of living. We live to work we have no time for family or to sit quietly with ourselves. We have 4 weeks out of 52 to take a vacation to vacate from the trappings and concerns of the day to day. (I have to say that I’ve never seen a job that actually allows you to take all your four weeks off). I feel we live at least in the West a highly artificial life where  we just go through the motions. These things like jobs / drinking bullshit coffee at Starbucks / wearing fucking over-priced turtle necks while pretending to read books too obtuse for us to understand are supposed to give meaning to our existence but they really do not. I kind of think, and it may be because my mind is damaged, that  if the American dream were really all it was cracked up to be there would not be the  mid-life crisis which really for a lot of people that I have met and know personally is terribly real experience. So as a society we worship these celebrity fucks who we secret desire to be like.

But Wait there more: Illegitimate child

Adele was not and isn’t married and that is sort of taboo in  the 21st century. Why is it taboo I don’t fucking know.  I think one needs to live with and have ton of sex with your significant other before you sign on the dotted line. We all have been in a situation where we purchased some stuff and then  took it home and  it all was not what we wanted or expected. But anyways  some people are  saying she should be married and all that. Personally I don’t know what’s right or wrong I’m not a judge or jury, but I can tell  you this:

MrMary’s reasons why you should get married after kids

After the ceremony and the honey moon is over sex becomes non-existent except, if you’re a man, on your birthday. On your bday you will get a lazy hand-job that you have to not only orchestrate, direct, provide the lighting for, but also take part in to finish. After having a baby, sex becomes a fictitious aspiration you don’t even get horrible bday action. You my friend are going to revisit those post-puberty years where pornography was a way of life. I say combine both horrors and the let down will be easier. Enjoy the rod-ramming & taco-filling,  as much as possible and then rip the band-aid off and re-introduce yourself to the silent desperation that made you masturbate ferociously to pictures of Robyn Givens while listening to Man-o-War in the background.

Also after the first year of having a kid you will get to see how your significant other (male or female doesn’t matter) is  under stress, with lack of sleep, without make-up, etc Some people under stress are more  demons then they are human beings.

Bottom Line

I am happy Adele gave birth to a healthy baby. I’m happy mom and baby are both are both healthy. I wish kid and mom all the best but after all that is said and done



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