Sesame Street Gets Ready to Lay the Smack down on Mit Romney

Romney had one of his most memorable moments of the first presidential debate  when he vowed to cut the federal subsidy to public broadcasting. “I’m sorry Jim, I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS,” he told moderator Jim Lehrer, who has worked for PBS since the 1970s. “I like PBS, I love Big Bird, I actually like you too, but I’m going to stop borrowing money from China to pay for things we don’t need.”

The One thing You Don’t  Do

I don’t mind the arrogance the hubris and the flip flopping, but you threatened Big Bird?  He is an American treasure, he has done more for the children than anyone except that creepy Fred Rogers Dude, I had nightmares where he would make the various characters on the show enter his BDSM closet and take it deep like that little trolley did when it went into the tunell and uhm .. well… back to what I was sayingI can overlook all that  and forget about the fact that from the mid-1800s until 1978, Mormons had a policy against ordaining black men to the church’s lay priesthood resulting in black members being unable to participate in some temple ordinances considered necessary for salvation or how black people have the mark of Cain and all that.

But you did something that no one should ever do…. You made LeVar Burton Angry, yeah the Reading Rainbow Guy

LeVar Burton furious over Romney’s attack on PBS

LeVar Burton (Helga Esteb _
Don’t Make me Angry Mr Romney, you wouldn’t like me when I’m Angry …. but you don’t have to take my word for it…..(cue soundbyte)

 See What you done Started

I finally figured out how to get to Sesame Street (some bum told me) and those cats have already made two beef records to let Mitt and his Stepford Wife Ann know whats up. I am in frequent contact with Elmo and will be sharing up to the minute news with you.

Beef Records

” We knew that that Bitch ass Mitt didn’t want 15 bars from us, especially when the Letter of the Day is F but He about to learn what’s up, Snuffy’s gonna wear his ass like a mitt literally: SESAME STREET GETS DAT PAPER!!!!

We got something for Ms Romney too, tricks get it too ! HOLLA HOLLA!!!!

Proof That I be on Sesame Street for all the haters out there:

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  1. Hilarious. You’re so good. I can’t believe that tool would want to cut this show and PBS in general. It is so fortifying and informative and culturally balanced, unlike really anything else out there. Ugh I pray he doesn’t get in. And btw that pic you got w/ big bird on the mantle?! Ha! xo. Send this to Vanity Fair.


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