Righteous Indignation, Blogging, – Has Anyone else Noticed this or is it just me?

I have the best readership in the blogosphere. I continue to remain invisible which is good for me. This is a compulsion free blog meaning that I don’t promote it, or want you to promote it. If you feel like contributing you do. If you don;t than you don’t. Since I invest some sort of trust in you reading this, I feel the need to be honest with you. So I hope you don’t mind my sharing a little of my dissatisfaction with blogging and the Internet lately.  You see I don’t feel as free because of the rampant knee jerk reactions to hot topics. I feel I have to triple think everything I am going to say. Then I have to write it in such a way that you know without a shadow of a doubt that I am joking.  Everyone is so quick to castigate and label, that I wonder if we can ever have a conversation. Here is an example:


This picture below has circled the Internet.  I reposted it on my Facebook timeline with the words: OH THE BUUUURRRRNNNNN !!!!!! as a comment.

The first response I get within minutes is:

Has her husband kidnapped, sold and raped as many girls as Boko Haram? Apples and oranges. Shame!

Anything can be misconstrued as being offensive. This to me is not a case of apples and oranges, it’s about putting our self-righteousness as a nation in check.  The media initially didn’t want to run with this story of the kidnapped girls to be sold. Now that stars have gotten behind it, it’s newsworthy. We cannot consider ourselves sincere, if we had to be cajoled into doing it. Further more our foreign policy has done much to harm and destabilize many countries in a few regions of the world. It’s a valid point to bring up the innocent children especially female children our policies kill.

This reaction I got on Facebook is important. I want to ask: what determines what nefarious act of the many we talk about ? do the Innocent girls killed by drones not matter because the are dead already? what value do we give to a human existence ? How do we measure nefariousness socially etc. These questions and more need to be asked but they cannot be because of manufactured outrage purposefully looking for stuff to be outraged about. The new opiate of the people is righteous indignation.

Righteous indignation

Let’s talk straight.

I tell a lot of jokes here and make inappropriate comments. I do so in real life too.  However it’s never done carelessly without reason. The logo of the blog says, everything is a path to something other than itself. There are many subjects I would like to talk about and deconstruct push the edge a little but I dont feel as free to do so. What I am imagining to be a lack of feeling is something gripping the world now I believe.

We live in a time were we are drowned in information but meaning is scarce. The scarcity of meaning affects our self-identity. So we we are simultaneously filled with data and handicapped by it. So for some, they need a soap box, they need to feed their righteous indignation to feed their lacking sense of self. I think this hyper real environment we all find ourselves in engender more argumentation for it’s own sake than discussion. I feel this is a major characteristic of America today. Baudrillard said it best: “Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth.” 

Lemme Wrap it Up

I am just blown away by how much energy is spent  senseless arguing over trivialities. It could be my nonsense but I see so many of us mired in splitting hairs and not talking, just regurgitating what bits of theory, propaganda we have internalized but not digested.

One comment

  1. An excellent point, my blogging friend. Americans have been programmed to think of themselves as above reproach and righteously ordained to enforce their collective will wherever they choose. Anyone who disagrees is condemned.

    Keep doing what you do best, buddy! Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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