How Should We Celebrate International Woman’s Month on ASPoonfulOfSuga …. Ideas?


March is International Woman’s Month. I want to dedicate the last week of March on this blog to celebrating women, but here is the thing. Usually when I am celebrating women, it’s to insure that half of my stuff isn’t going to get taken away from me at some point in the future … So I am out of ideas. Rather the ideas I have aren’t applicable: washing your dishes or talking you out to listen to you tell me about the day would fail horribly. Let me know what you think I am down for most anything



The Four Ways Canada Broke My Heart this year || A WEEK OF LISTS

I used to spend my summers in Montreal for a few years at a time. For a while I looked into moving to Quebec to take what I felt at the time was a cool research position there.  Suffice it to say I really love Canada, and her denizens more than a healthy amount. Unless you are at a hockey game, Canadians are some of the nicest non-violent people I have met. The fact that runaway slaves willingly entered into the cold for freedom speaks volumes for the country. (You know that aside from Europeans, their descendants, and the majority of people they colonized, the wintry cold destroys black people). Canadians have a sense of humor, beautiful scenery, and approachable friendly women (when compared to NYC). But in my naiveté, I let my happy memories of Canada blind me to the flip side of Canada. Here are 4 things from least egregious to most egregious that I learned about Canada that broke my heart:

# 4 – The Oilers

I was adopted by the citizens of Edmonton Alberta, an honor I do not take lightly. I have spent time to familiarize myself with the city, and I look forward to traveling there hopefully sometimes soon. I chose to forgo my allegiance to the NY Rangers, The NY Islanders, The New Jersey Devils and the Montreal Canadiens, all places I have lived to pledge my allegiance to the Oilers. Did you know that No National Hockey League team has won less often in the last six years, the Daryl Katz ownership era in Edmonton, than the Oilers.

#3  –

Canada’s NSA admits to ‘incidentally’ spying on

own citizens


Canada’s equivalent to the National Security Agency has admitted that it may “incidentally” track its own citizens.The admission, posted on the Communications Security Establishment Canada’s website, actually came back on Dec. 20, though it went largely unnoticed at the time. It shouldn’t come as too much a surprise, considering many Canadians were unaware the CSEC even existed until some of its programs were brought to light by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden‘s leaks. As a member of the “Five Eyes,” the CSEC is one of the NSA’s closest allies, and it partners with the U.S. in various efforts, like collecting the phone records of citizens.

#2 – Treatment of the First People

Canada's First People - Αντίγραφο

  1. 1928: Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in Alberta, allowing any inmate of a native residential school to be sterilized upon the approval of the school Principal. At least 3,500 Indian women are sterilized under this law.
  2. 1933: An identical Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in British Columbia. Two major sterilization centres are established by The United Church of Canada on the west coast, in Bella Bella and Nanaimo, in which thousands of native men and women are sterilized by missionary doctors until the 1980’s.

# 1 – Canadian Company Abuses in the ‘Third


Colombian Connection: Canadian Neocolonialism in the Global South

download (15)

In a seminal piece of research titled “Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia,” award-winning writer and international affairs expert Asad Ismi provides a 240-page breakdown of corporatist neocolonialism in South America. The report “links ten Canadian companies in Colombia to the genocide of indigenous Colombians, to complicity in eight murders and one attempted murder, to other significant military/paramilitary repression [and] to labour union-busting, strike-breaking and worker exploitation.” To date, it is the only document of its kind. A major focus of Ismi’s work are primary Canadian oil producers Colombia-Pacific Rubiales, Gran Tierra, Talisman and Petrominerales – and other mining outfits such as Gran Colombia Gold, Eco Oro Minerals and Cosigo Resources. These companies have, at one time or another, been found in violation of basic human rights or as perpetrators of structural violence related to hyper-capitalist resource extraction.

Canada This is How it Works

When I was a kid I happened upon a compass one day. When I asked why does it always point north I was told : “that ‘s because it shows Negros how to get to safety when times gets tough.”

Dear Canadians, like most black people living in America, I am nominally a citizen. When your human rights, civil rights, and rights to just exercise my superb dance moves are always being called into question, you need to have a safe place you can run to. That used to be Canada, but now I don’t know. If you are willing to just return to your colonial roots and spiritually sodomize scores of innocents in South America I don’t know if I can come to you for asylum the next time there is a republican president in office.

villagevoice(1)Canadians, you have been hanging out with the wrong people. You don’t understand Americans:  we are a belligerent nation. For over 80% of our existence as a country we have been at war. We, due in part to karma and material success have lost our bearings in life and now like most women in the BDSM section of your local alternative or indie newspaper cannot get off without someone people in pain.

This mass surveillance isn’t you. I have resigned myself to the fact that at any moment there may be a lynch mob waiting for me outside my house. If I cannot count on Canada to offer me safe haven, I will just have to roam aimless the frozen expanses of the north til death (probably from acid rain or some ecological disaster) finds me. If you don’t change, one day I guarantee you will start finding bodies of those who in your  belligerence, you turned your back on and they will all have buried on them a paper or cloth with these words written upon it:

Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
To mould me Man, did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me?

Context for that last quote above



ASK MRMARY || Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

You all have over the last 2 years gotten to know my sense of humor, well some aspects of it. You have also gotten to know a bit of my world view. So I figure I would answer random questions that you or others have asked me, Dave the person behind the blog known rapscallion and from this picture Conan O Brian impersonator. Enjoy


Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing

the right things?

I used to work in a garden at one point in my life and I discovered that I could just make a hole in the ground throw in some seeds dump some water on it and go. Within a few days the seeds would germinate. I then had the opportunity to watch a gardener to plant seeds. It Turns out that there is the right time of the day, the right amount of water and a host of small unknown factors to me at the time, that when taken into consideration allow the seed to grow into a strong plant. What this thought me was that it is not about doing things right or doing the right things, but being deeply in tune to and committed to what we are doing. When I am doing something, or I am driving towards a goal I inundate myself in it. I want to know all the fine details!

I find that after I lose myself in the detail things “happen”. So I am worried about 1) having an honest enough reason to something 2)Can I let go enough to let things happen. I find the less “I” am involved the better the outcome and the more what I do seems “right” to those I am working with.

I think that we tend to make a lot of decisions or even domestic policies without every at least interfacing with the people we deal with or the groups of people. Like the people who often time make pivotal decisions on foreign policy or aid to Africa or the poor never really interface with them, or have familiarized themselves beyond 2nd hand information at best about the people who will be affected by their decisions.

Just my two cents


If You would like to ask me any question just leave a comment or fill out the form below.



Looking to do a Q&A with a Feminist – Are There Feminists in a Burning House ?

Not paying a woman the same rate as a man  for the same job is fucked up. We should enjoy all the economic, legal, political rights regardless of our race, religious affiliation, gender, age or class. But … 

What about Social Conventions ?

But what about social conventions?  Case and point – women and children first ?

Titanic-lifeboatWomen and children first is a historical code of conduct whereby the lives of women and children were to be saved first in a life-threatening situation (typically abandoning ship, when survival resources such as lifeboats were limited).

According to my research: Masculists characterize this as female privilege and male disposability while feminists characterise it as benevolent sexism and male privilege.” I personally have no freaking idea what this is, which is why I bring the question to you my readers.

I am looking to collaborate with a blogger who is well versed in feminism and women studies to have a conversation. There are a lot of grey areas that puzzle me, and it would be nice to talk to a human being (in particular a female) about these grey areas and get some clear ideas. If you can direct me or make suggestions let me know  contact me mrmarymf.poppins@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

I asked MrsMary

BTW, as always I asked my lady for her opinion and she sent me this video linked below. Please keep in mind that this is a link to a comedian doing his act. If you have a sensitive sense of humor, (you’re still cool in my book) don’t watch. Also this topic was in part inspired by an interesting post by my home girl TarnsZ (the super hero blogger) called: Chivalry Is Dead, Long Live Courtesy.

I’m curious to hear from you. Here’s the video:


Orange hair fuck the employee manual. MY parents didnt talk to me for some time because of this

I got tagged but not like that – Courtesy of Daan “Da Maan” van den Bergh

Tagging has many meanings one of them is to write your mark on public property, and the other I learned about from the prurient  pictures posted on the inside of my friend’s high school locker room involves finishing on someone or something, in a sexual way, it is also known in some circles as the “Dinner Receipt”. Thankfully Daan has introduced me to a new definition of tagging and while I thank him for widening my lexical scope I must confess that despite being armed with this new definition I am afraid that the results will be the same, for I shall, in a heated rushed, adroitly answer these questions in such a way that makes you want more, and when I finish you will need some time to catch you breath and pull yourself together. So with that said, let’s get right into it:

The Rules

  1. Post these rules.
  2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
  3. Answering Questions given to you in the tagger’s post

Photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you

2013-01-25 16.08.35

  1. Despite the fact that I can read well, and went to prep school I am in fact black !!!
  2. MrMary almost went into the Navy and occasionally toys around with the idea
  3. I’ve been thinking about doing a body-building show, but I don’t want to wear speedos and get all oiled up and pose to entertain people
  4. MrMary can rock a party till the early light
  5. I’m tired today
  6. I’m gonna go meditate for about 2 hours after work
  7. I’m going to satirize a popular author/philosopher on Twitter, I want to let a couple of you in on it
  8. I have a funny post on male supplements coming up
  9. I am less than a hundred pounds away from reaching my goal of deadlifting what i used to in college 550lbs. I will aim for 600 by next year this time
  10. I was thinking of writing a post a week in French to get it moving again
  11. I need another vacation

Answering Questions given to you in the tagger’s post

Why do you think tag games like this exist?

There are many bloggers I like online, however due to social convention and past run-ins with the law I don’t see it ending well for me to go up to some one male or female and ask them the person questions that come to my mind when I read there stuff. So Im guessing we relent and ask these questions instead. I never tagg people I don’t like, that’s also why I always keep those lint free napkins on  the night stand.
Do you think they’re fun?

Sometimes they are fun because I never answer appropriately. I use it as chance to be a little less serious and have fun with some things. Luckily for me having fun with myself isn’t a sin, in the real world only in Catholicism (see what I did there – fucking nailed it)

Do you hate me for tagging you?

Daan, not at all You are my homey. If we were both single in the same city, I would hit the bars/libraries/supermarket with you and use my charm and silvered  tongue (thanks to clitoris awareness week) to persuade the chicks, that pinching there noses … actually not even gonna go there. You’re my homey can’t hate

Would you hate me if I would call you a vagina, twice a day, for the rest of your life?

we are what we eat are we not, especially when forced and bound by marriage/social convention/ and the slim prospect of returns on our investments

Why not?

Well thanks to my deordorant I stay dry 24/7. The extent of my dryness coupled with your calling me a vagina would be ironic and cause for laughter, no one like it that dry, even female olympic swimmers

Are you sure?

Well I am sure that there can be no certain in this, as a poet onces said,  time-field of short crops, where what you  sow comes back up very quickly!

So, do you enjoy being called a vagina?

Who wouldn’t I find that they make great after dinner mints

Do you like Scooby Snacks?

Do you mean brownies made with pot ? No I’ve never tried any drugs. I just partaken in alcohol and the morass of feigned excitement that goes around as mass depression, at least where I live

Would you like them, if I told you I liked them?

I’d say awesome, go get them brownies, but not like the Dutch East India companies got them brownies in Indonesia and the other colonial strong holds

Are you capable of forming your own opinion about stuff?

yes which is probably why I have better relationships with stray animals than most people.

Will you promise to ask the people you tag very annoying and random questions?

As my enlarged prostate is my witness I will ask the most annoying questions I can think of

My Turn: My Questions

  1. Have you had an erotic dream? What was it about?
  2. What was your first impression about me?
  3. Why did the Dead Sea die? Who killed it?
  4. If a building is already built why is it called a building?
  5. If doctors get to see you naked anyway then why do they leave the room while you change?
  6. What’s the most awkward question someone has ever asked you?
  7. Do you want to do a guest post on ASpoonfulofSuga ?
  8. If I gave you permission to ask me any question and I would answer what would you ask?
  9. Will You promise to ask even more annoying questions than I did ?
  10. What is it about syphilis and washed up rock stars that make them go so well together?
  11. I made a joke the other night involving Mother Theresa and Anal, I dont understand why people  got so upset can you explain
  12. MrMary in 2014 will embark on some legendary voyages where should you go and if I roll through your town want to havea  celebratory beer ?

People I nominate:

  1. tarnishedsophia.wordpress.com
  2. ladylovelyblogger.wordpress.com
  3. justmarj.wordpress.com
  4. sistasertraline.wordpress.com
  5. inkpaperpen.wordpress.com
  6. acflory.wordpress.com
  7. cursorymoments.wordpress.com/
  8. butimbeautiful.wordpress.com
  9. martinwiegand47.wordpress.com
  10. waywardspirit.wordpress.com
  11. summersolsticemusings.wordpress.com

NO ASK BACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!