Mi Susanita, helping with my sexy leggy Project, and female body builders

MrMary’s Sexy Leggy Project

Susan of the LOSTNCHINA blog nominated me for the 7 X 7 award and while I will respond to that in a bit, Susanita said in her post the following that had me laughing until I almost soiled myself.

When I first started reading Mr. MMFP’s blog several months ago, I thought he was a VERY angry woman…till I realized he was a sarcastic, funny and thinking guy.  This really says a lot more about ME than it does about him.

First I want to ensure you all that I am a man. All parts of me are quite manly especially my manly parts. In the spirit of ridicule and self depreciating humor I have come up with a sexy leggy Project. I will recreate the following pose found on Susanita’s blog but with my own sexy legs. Maybe I will throw in some cute sandals or shoes. Then I will post both pictures side by side for shits and giggles. I am open to ideas to up the ante, please send in your suggestions.

Female Bodybuilders Scare Me

This spokesperson for literacy won the competition of most likely never to have kids due to hormonal imbalances from prolonged steroid abuse

Looking at my overall look and physique I would make I’d make a very ugly women, but I would be much prettier than some of the female body builders I met when I went to a body building show a few years back. It was at legendary Beacon theatre here in the city. It was a comical experience  that has keep me laughing the better part of a decade. Pretty much everyone is on juice, steroids. Though they are drug tests and checks there are way to get around it, it’s all simple chemistry, change a functional group here or there maybe alter something else get a different degradation product that will pass through and not show anything. But anyways I learned two things:

  1. Never go into a bathroom at a place where protein shakes are given out like condoms and pamphlets at the free clinic
  2. Female bodybuilders are scary-mutha fuckers

Testosterone has some interesting effects on the female body aside from all around more mannish features, square jaw-line, deep voices. I thought I would share 7 Things with you may not know  about the affects of steroid use on a female

1. Clitoral Enlargement
<no picture here for your sake> Clitoral enlargement resulting from androgen use is another irreversible side effect. Josh saw his girlfriend’s grow to be two inches long and as big around as his pinky. Some women say this condition results in more frequent and more intense orgasms. Whatever the case, she’d better like it. It won’t go away. When a woman so endowed becomes aroused, her clitoris becomes erect and sticks out just like a penis does. It’s got a little head and everything.

2. Hirsutism
Hirsutism, or rampant hair growth, is another irreversible side effect. This hair growth sprouts up on the chin, chest, around the nipples, and the buttocks – especially the lower inner glutes and around the anus.

3. Depression
Her eventual, yet private, acceptance of these conditions is cause for great depression and withdrawal for some. Depression is further aggravated if and when steroid use stops. Estrogen rebound causes extreme depression, fatigue, apathy, etc. Some women told me they thought they were going crazy until their hormones got back in balance.

4. Stomach Problems
Stomach distention is another side effect attributed to steroid use. The innards of the lower abdomen become irritated and swollen from the use of certain oral steroids. Chronic constipation, water retention, and intestinal gas can also contribute to the problem. Although not permanent or particularly problematic, when they’ve got gas, you better be near a window.

Generally MrMary Loves the ladies but female body builders to me (this is just my preference) aren’t ladies, not matter what crazy tongue thing they do to entice  you to sample a shake at a fitness expo.

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  1. After reading this, I will put my “become a female body builder project” to rest. Thanks Mr.Mary. I’ve never quite understood when females want to look like ugly men. But then again, I don’t understand how Finding Bigfoot is an actual show on television.


    • Mr Sandy, it’s definitely not worth. Its a pretty seedy thing bodybuilding, well the part of it not everyone sees. You better off. Woman are normally so pretty, i dont know why pimples, square jaw line, gummy worm clitoris, hair everywhere and in your anus says pretty. I find guys who go after that to be a bit suspect


  2. I’m so glad I read this. I was just going to pop in some steroids so I could surpass all the stretches and balancing acts of the old ladies at the gym I just started going to. I wouldn’t know WHAT to do if I started growing a crocus!


    • Ah that was such a nice way of putting it, growing a crocus lol . I need new shorts lol I couldn’t resist and had to give into temptation to see what this ‘crocus’ looked like and it was horrible. It’s a not a good addition to the open-faced sammich slabs of meat look.


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