MrMary on Blogging and Writing: Reflects openly on LittleMsWordy’s Blogging: Work or Hobby?


The very photogenic LittleMsWordy posted an interesting blog post yesterday called: “Blogging: Work or Hobby?“. It got me thinking on writing which is something I do often but rarely vocalize. I’ve spent half my life working mostly late into the night trying to perfect my craft. I’ve published some poems here and there, but I am just about at the stage where I am about to cross the Rubicon, so to say, with my writing endeavours.

I unfortunately need to write; writing is a need for me However where I have been living I haven’t had the correct environment to plan out and write for my larger projects. Blogging has filled that void. As blogging has helped me hone my craft , I never saw it as work, the same way I don’t see practising on a musical instrument as work. I would like to get money for my blogging efforts but I would never chase after an opportunity to get paid to be a blogger. It’s a subtle difference but I think I can better illustrate with a sybaritic example:  As a young 31 year old heterosexual male I like having sex with girls. I wouldn’t mind if the lady I am packing/unleashing on/smashing /Bustin Nuts in or on / filling / sexing / loving / at the moment gave me money or bought me gifts after each rutting episode. (I love euphemisms) However I wouldn’t seek out a job where I would get paid to have sex with women not because of any moral propensity or ideology just not my thing.

Blogging and Writing

I think that while they both write a blogger and a writer are quite different species. I’ve noticed this when I go to write non-blogging pieces that my style is different, my approach is different , there is a  search for the centre. I have failed at writing a novel three times, and each time I learned something. One of the first thing I discovered in my failings was the centre  – a particular novel’s “profound opinion or insight about life, a deeply embedded point of mystery, whether real or imagined. As I wrote I found that what I thought the centre to be changed as the story I was writing went on. I began to think that perhaps the centre was not to be found by me but that the imaginal and verbal journey to find the centre was actually the centre.

In most of the blogging I’ve come across I have found no centre which is a good thing. Blogging isn’t an activity filled with the over indulgent intellectuality and self-assumed airs that other art forms take on.  When I read literary novels,  I am reading because my ability to see the grandeur in the world around, my ability to learn from my own “wounds” has been curtailed. When I read blogs quite often it is because I want to be entertained, I want to be distracted and I want to feel a sense of solidarity in feeling what I feel.

My Biggest Issue as a Blogger

One of the things I feel acutely is estrangement; in our society we are estranged from each other: that Pakistani family next door may have ties to terrorist, the Black family two houses down might be drug addicts. We have given the reigns of our mind over to generalization and mass stereotyping. We are ultimately estranged from ourselves: many of us are uncomfortable with ourselves.  We do not like ourselves, we do not like how we look. We have to talk to others to glean insight about ourselves.  I want to talk to discuss things around me that affect me and you  the reader in turn and that is why I blog. In the case of writing,  I so it because I want to tell a story. Orhan Pamuk , one of my favorite authors in his book The naive and the Sentimental Novel asserts that:

Orhan Pamuk, turkish novelist. The photo is de...
Orhan Pamuk, turkish novelist. The photo is declared copyright-free on Pamuk’s official website, as seen at the above link. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modern man reads and needs novels in order to feel at home in the world, because his relationship to the universe he lives in has been damaged

There have been many books that I have read that have restored a feeling of  the existence of this relationship Pamuk mentions. My biggest issue as a blogger is that something I read other blogs hoping to find a way to feel at home again, but often I find that with many blogs I am at a loss. As I read, blog and write, each discipline loses diction. The distinction between reader and writer, blogger and unknown hack writer is blurred.

I project the wants and expectations of one onto the other and  something as of late end up disappointed. Maybe it because I see a lot of things as being exercises in sentimentality, self-aggrandizement and creating and maintaining a bloggers cabal for the sake of feeling popular.  I am a very cynical person though I would admit. So then

Is that all me? is that all in my head or do you feel the same way to. That the end of my reflection.



By the way to answer a question I got here are some great pieces of literature that really moved me and taught me a lot about craft over the years. It’s my recommendation.

Novels I Recommend

  1. Concrete Thomas Bernhard
  2. Death In Venice, Toni Kruger and Other Writings Thomas Man
  3. The Wild Palms Faulkner
  4. The Sound and the Fury Faulkner
  5. As I lay Dying Faulkner
  6. The Cave Jose Saramago
  7. Baltasar and Blimunda
  8. My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk
  9. Snow by Orhan Pamuk
  10. The Grass by Claude Simon
  11. Doris Lessing Briefing for a Descent into Hell
  12. Swann’s Way Marcel Proust
  13. Labyrinths Borges
  14. Monelle Marcel Schwobb
  15. Three Novels: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett
  16. On the Road Jack kerouac
  17. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  18. The Sun Also rises By Hemingway
  19. Things Fall Apart Achebe
  20. 100 years of Solitude  Marquez
  21. The Wansdering star by JMG Le Clezio
  22. The Birthday by Harold Pinter
  23. Nip The Buds Shoot the Kids Kenzaburo Oe

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