I got the Best Moment Award… My Acceptance Speech & Nominees



Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video recorded. Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners notify them the great news.

MrMary’s Nominees

Upon these folks I best upon the Best Moment Award

  1. RutabegatheMercenaryResearcher
  2. Exploring Pixie
  3. inkpaperpen
  4. lamentsandlullabies.wordpress.com
  5. justmarj.wordpress.com
  6. jimcolv.wordpress.com
  7. summersolsticemusings.wordpress.com
  8. natalieelizabethbeech.com



I saw on Facebook one of my favorite bloggers post pictures of being in and around NYC. I immediately felt that if I had known he would have been in NYC I would have invited him out for a beer.  If He was as cool as I imagine him to be I would have given him a tour through my city.  I spent some minutes pondering what that would be like.

In my brief moment of reverie I  started thinking about all the places that are important to me in the city. There was that hotel near Grand Central where my first real girl-friend initiated me into the double edge sword of sexual activity. There was the massive rock out on the beach near Coney Island where I feed this one seagull a raw Clam from my hand, the bullet in the floor in my old apartment in Brooklyn that would have taken my father from me while I was in Highschool, the last place in Prospect Park where I saw my friend Philip before he died of AIDS, the first emergency room I had to be rushed too, the pizza shop where my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing for a good hour etc While I could go on and enumerate all these personal places these bright lights that shine in my memory,  and it feels nice to think about all these places after so many years, I am quick to realize that no one would want such a tour.

Really when people come to NYC they want to come it to tabula rosa. They want to walk through the city naked with just their expectations, kind of like my first time in that hotel. Thinking about it like that it reminds me of the sky, thousands of cultures around the world looked to the sky and they loved to look at it with their own expectations. The Greeks saw Orion’s Belt differently than the Dogon people, yet its the same 3 stars.

I see NYC very different from someone else. I have lived here, sweated here, tolled under the unbearable weight of trying to make something from myself from the very little I was given by my immigrant parents who while relishing the new opportunitie America had to offer, had difficulty bearing the price coming here exacted from them.

There are millions of stars in the universe but from our skies only a small fraction are  visible from the small fraction that are visible We craft stories on to them, The three stars of Orion belt tell a story an ageless story however unique and different the stories we as species craft onto them. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Jackie Robinson, Prospect Park to me tell an ageless story – The longer I sit here write about the story the closer I come to experiencing maybe asymptotically how it’s really life’s story and I am just one color in its vast canvas or maybe judging by how hard I type in the night on the keyboard, maybe a single sound in the symphony.

There are millions of memories in my mind it seems, but from where I sit at the computer, only a fraction are visible. I am unsure at this moment whether they tell a story or whether I have projected my story on them, but for now in this moment, I have feel my self smiling the half smile I do when I notice I am about to get a little too sentimental about the past.  My favourite blogger whether he knows it or not shares in the story even without his drinking a beer with me, but that’s all good because right now everything seems possible in this moment, and that always, well under the cover of night, seems to be much better than what tomorrow will be bringing me.

I am not sure why I got awarded the Best Moment Award. According to the site:

Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.

I think it’s very touching that someone or some people think I am living in the moment and that I fit this bill. I thank you a lot for thinking so highly of me. I want to thank my readership. Those of you who really consistently read  what I put out there. Every time I write on here it really for you ladies and gents, honestly. I want to thank the people I have and will collaborate with. You really force me to look at things differently and that helps me grow in some way. Also I should thank all the people who have found offence with what I have said and the sometimes juvenile way in which I joke around, you’ve forced me to be more responsible with my writing and more aware what I put out into the world.


Check out  all the winners, they are really great bloggers !

  1. Maryam 
  2. Chef Doru
  3. newsrealpoetry
  4. The Wanderer’s Thoughts
  5. Kimberly
  6. Nina
  7. Rosy
  8. The Jolyn Project
  9. James James Morrison Morrison
  10. call2read
  12. Rendezvous With Renee
  13. Jade Jarvis
  14. ASpoonfulofSuga
  15. allaccesspass


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