Jocular Look at Today’s News || ‘Meggings’ mania means we’ll be seeing more men in tights in 2013


Body-conscious men, beware. Style experts are predicting a 2013 men’s fashion trend that will leave little to the imagination: meggings (short for, yes, male leggings). According to the Daily Mail, the stretchy legwear from such manufacturers as deKata Couture is making its way from the celeb set (Lenny Kravitz, Justin Bieber and Russell Brand have already, er, rocked the look) to the mainstream male masses, becoming “the latest must-have” for fashionable guys. The tabloid’s readers responded derisively. “Geez why don’t they just get it over with and come up with the SMIRT (mans skirt) or the SMESS? (mans dress),” wrote one commenter with a knack for coining fashion terminology. “Mens fashion is heading down the slippery slope towards Girls Blouseville.” [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

Seriously now.  Seriously Meggings ? WTF is that?  What better way to furthersterilize this generation than by adding reproductive sterility  to the mentality and emotional  sterility we already suffer from.

Oh you didnt know? Toma!!!

Scientists warn of sperm count crisis

Wednesday 05 December 2012


The reproductive health of the average male is in sharp decline, the world’s largest study of the quality and concentration of sperm has found.

Between 1989 and 2005, average sperm counts fell by a third in the study of 26,000 men, increasing their risk of infertility. The amount of healthy sperm was also reduced, by a similar proportion.

The findings confirm research over the past 20 years that has shown sperm counts declining in many countries across the world. Reasons ranging from tight underwear to toxins in the environment have been advanced to explain the fall, but still no definitive cause has been found.

How Dumb are we ?

This article came out the 5 less than a week ago. It is already done and over with completely ignored, now we are worried tight leather pants for men. At first I thought this was a revenge plot of a feminist mastermind but its not because  shitty sperm fucks up artificial insemination  or in vitro fertilization.

Testes are not supposed to look like raisins but I suppose now they will. I can only imagine the damage and funk from a day of wearing that shit.

Side note: There are 9 chemicals which are everywhere in this post industrial world we find ourselves in that are related to cases of infertility. once of them is part of the epoxy resin found inside most canned good. bisphenol A . We spent in industrial organic chem class  a month on bisphenol A and its reaction with phosgene ( a chemical used by the Nazi’s in WW2) to create thermo setting plastics. Maybe I should do a post on stuff that can kill your organ grinding for babies.


Following the extensive use of phosgene gas in combat during World War I, it was stockpiled by various countries as part of their secret chemical weapons programs.

Phosgene was then only frequently used by the Imperial Japanese Army against the Chinese during the Second Sino-Japanese War. it was also used by the Italians in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War

What really gets me?

What really gets me is that on the surface this is simple fashion. Men’s fashion which to me is an oxymoronic statement. What the news is good at doing is the removal of context. One can present tight pants as fashion and everyone runs to get them. Not paying attention to fertility issues, or the many social issues that come with this issue.

What’s different between this and Romans drinking out of lead cups and vessels.

I will leave it at that



  1. Skinny Jeans were the worst thing men could have ever attempted. Leggings are bad enough as it is. Is there not a happy middle between ‘8 sizes too big, could fit another person in here with me’ and ‘looks like I stole my 8 year-old sister’s pants?’


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