Jocular Look @ Today’s New: Wearing pants stop Pedophiles

Kids can take part in Nude Olympics — if they keep their pants on


Organizers of Australia’s Nude Olympics have decreed that it’s fine for kids to take part. If you think it’s disturbing to throw a bunch of young ‘uns into a gathering of hairy-palmed nudists, prepare to be reassured. South Coast New South Wales police sergeant Malcolm Marr has a plan to protect them from pedophiles. “We thought it was appropriate to advise that children wear bottoms to deter any untoward behaviour,” the top cop said. Job done. But what, pray tell, will protect their growing retinas from the ghastly sight of aging, pendulous genitals and sagging buttocks in full athletic swing? Let’s hope someone’s got it covered. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

Nude Olympics ? Yeah hot sweaty male and female bits  jiggling and jangling all if your face – This reminds me of when i was a volunteer at a hospital in the geriatrics ward. As to why when you get old gentials other body parts sound like  they are covered 3 inch thick  mayo as they move and slap into each other I don’t know. That is a separate story.

But I am not surprised that wearing pants has become a method of stopping untoward behavior. I’m guessing that is what wearing bottoms means, unless it has a different, more rectally painful meaning?

Did you know that  Aborigines were classed as wildlife, not humans, by the Australian government until 1967!” “If you stand still, they will eat right from your hand.”  “While they rob you of cigarettes and small change.”

Dont believe me read it here: Aborigines mark 40 years as ‘human beings’


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