I’m Starting writers/reading Group on June 4th

large_25577_RealTalkDecal5.5KruxVinylLG.jpgThis post started out as a series of harsh but honest reflections about being a writer on WordPress. I held nothing back in my jeremiad and honed in on the high school clique mentality that seems to infest a lot of writing groups and blogs. I had my lady and some other people read this damning testimony, before I hit the send the button.  My testimony was  so gangsta it hurt. I was reminded that while it’s not my intention I shouldn’t put myself in the position to burn bridges or paint myself in a light that does me no good. Finally I decided to delete this damning record. Instead I am starting a Writer’s/Reader’s blog on http://www.wordpress.com. The site is already up and I am currently adding the bells and whistles. I thought I would talk about this new venture before I send out invitations because it will be a bit atypical.

I’m not gonna lie to you

listeningmanI love the arts and in particular literature.  For many years books were my only friends and companion. I was blessed to have some great teachers who while grounding me in the classics, exposed me to such a diverse array of authors. When I wrote for them, they really gave me a lot of room to fail and grow and develop my own voice.  They instilled in me that writing as well as reading was a craft  that had to be honed over a formative period of time.

To that end I started writing with the intention to be a writer for a longtime. During that time I experiment I tried, I failed I took breaks from writing, etc But I never let my eyes off the prize. I want to share the love and enthusiasm I have for writing and reading good books with others. I also want to share the  lessons I have learned through the many rejection letters and my experiences thus far with those who

  1. Love and actively read literature
  2. Love writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays or memoirs, etc. (Doesnt matter what you write)
  3. Don’t care about likes re-blogs, tweets, or overall high school clique-ish behaviors
  4. Want to continue improving
  5. Want to be published in magazines and journals etc
  6. Don’t want to sell anything to anyone etc.

I would like the site to be the seat of discussion, analysis and most importantly the enjoyment of literature. I would like this to be actually very interaction based and dynamic. As for the writing group that is up in the air. If you are interested let me know.

So What’s it Gonna Be ?

Lemme know what you think. The Spoonful of Suga will always be here. This is something new and different.

Sharing some Good News All Around Today


I have some good news to Share figure might as well share it with you my readers

I’m Uncle MrMaryMuthaFuckingPoppins

Really late and tired in the hospital, can you see the greys coming through

My Home Girl Marj


…. didnt suffer at all from the Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Phillipines and came out with two posts this weekend. I feel very relieved and was glad she and her family were unaffected but sad that there was so much devastation on the country and yet, in ours we are still debating whether climate change exists or not. Marj is a dear friend and I will be commemorating our friendship and her being safe with Tequila.

I paid off a Huge Debt

This is a person victory for me. I paid off the largest non student loan debt I have !!! By this time next year if all continues to go well Ill be on steady ground finally after 5 years of incredible strife.

Today is my Two Year anniversary on WordPress

and this is my 1201 post. Im surprised I am still at it to be honest


I thought I would share. It’s back to work for me!  I hope you are having a good day. Thank you all for reading and if anyone is in NYC this weekend I will be off leash lemme know !