The Curious Case of jenlefeverwood and an Award I received

With the exception of a different set of secondary sexual characteristics, and probably having smoother skin because I always forget to moisturise and shower with brutally hot water, Jen is very much like me. She has many things to say and is passionate about saying them, I lifted this from her about page:

At times, I am very poetic.  There have been times in my life where I was very lost and dark.  Other times, I am very straight forward and blunt.  I am an out-loud speaker of my mind and I don’t sacrifice who I am for the sake of others. I’m artistic and creative, and I crave, crave so much more out of this life that I call mine!  Too many times, it seems, people over look life as something we all just have… and become unfortunately blind to the gifts and virtues that we possess, that we can receive and experience from others, and that we can build and create, nourish and improve for ourselves as we move forward in time.

Life is too short to bullshit. 

She really inspired me this week. See for many years  I had a lot of people in some way shape or form tell me to shut-up or dismiss what I had to say. It has left me wary of expressing myself to the fullest of my capabilities. She reminded me again this week that life is too short to bullshit and I should go for it and say what I want to say.

It was great !!!! I brushed myself off and  threw myself back into the fracas that is blogging in a more significant way than I had been in a few weeks. That inspiration from Jen and from many of my regular readers helped me kick things up a notch, and their and your support lead to one of the most memorable moments in blogging history, ( also frank zappa’s poster didnt hurt too).

As if that wasn’t enough Jen nominated me for this award, which I gladly accept.


I have to tell you 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.  That’s it. Uhm

  1. Sometimes at the market when a song comes on I will shake my ass in the ethnic aisle. Not because that is where I belong but because I am usually there by habit
  2. If I didn’t have sickle cell disease I would get a pilots license
  3. I forget that I walk around the house in my underwear and have answered the door to sign for packages like that
  4. I got 99 problem but a “b@#$h ain’t one
  5. I loved the writings of Raymond Queneau esp Odile and Zazie in the Metro. I actually one time wanted to write my own exercise of style  ” “The really inspired person is never inspired: he’s always inspired: he doesn’t go looking for inspiration and he doesn’t get up in arms about artistic technique.” – Queneau
  6. I have no idea what else to write.
  7. I thought about doing stand-up at many times in my life, and also joining the military in particularly the navy but like many women I’ve dated, I had second thoughts about semen seamen
  8. People who work as auto mechanics never find rim job jokes funny, I guess they are self conscious about their hands being dirty all the time.
  9. I don’t like shaving, it irritates my skin and I usually walk around with some stubble
  10. “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

Pass it on to some (or 10) bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic–or both. (Again, I’m breaking rules.. I don’t have 10 on my list, but for those I do pass it to, know what the right, real rules are!! So, my nominee’s are:

Non Sequitor

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