1. Mr. Mary,
    It was your birthday?My dear friend, hope you had a great one! 32… I almost remember mine. Almost, which is like not remembering it at all.
    Le Clown


  2. I figured it’s better my birthday greeting stays in my site because nobody reads my blog. I mean – for the reason that the poem and the extemporaneous prose were personal messages. And I’m aware how uncomfortable you get with praises directed towards you. Still, I feel like fainting every time my blog gets attention through your honorable blog. Eh, you know I’m that shy. 🙂

    Anyway, the Birthday greeting was the least I could do for all your kindness and our treasured friendship. Thank you for this post and the lovely vlog, Dave. 32 is such a young age. Your blazing future lies ahead still.

    Btw, your reading of E Cumming’s poem was very cool and suave. 😉 Plus, it seems you’ve got a nice new home.


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